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How to choose a window wardrobe

Properly selected curtains

It's time to start up in the spring house, and the easiest way to do this is through a new window wardrobe.

Many housewives know that from the selected and hung curtains and changing the whole cozy atmosphere in the house.



Pick up the color
The color should be chosen depending on,as the sun and light enters the room. If the light is not enough better to hang on window blinds yellow or orange shades. curtains cooler shades suitable for solar room, such as gray, blue, green.


If the room is a lot of colorful things, be guided by the largest, such as blanket or carpet. And choose the color of window draperies under it.


a few inches
If the curtain fabric is very thin, their widthIt must be three times wider than the window. The distance between the curtain and the floor is more practical from 1 to 2 cm. The fabric with metallic thread and a large ornament is better not to drape.


What does the picture
Curtains with a very large picture orhorizontal stripes will make the ceiling visually lower, and wider room. Vertical stripes, on the contrary, visually pripodnimut ceiling. Universal version of plain curtains.


the cloth
Ideal for curtains is a fabric made of polyester and viscose. Cotton quickly fade in the sun, so ill-suited for sunny rooms. Len good with additives, such as lavsan.


Do I need a tulle
Of course, you can do without tyuley. But there is an option, for example, to hang tulle outside and the curtains close to the window, thereby reversing the fabric. In any case, we must remember that the use of two types of fabric, one of them should dominate.

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