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How to choose the wheel Skate

How to choose the wheel Skate

Wheels - it is perhaps the most important part of the skate, which largely determines its characteristics.

Even if the skateboard - simple, the good and well-chosen wheels it will still show excellent ride quality.

wheel size

Diameter - one of the most important parameters of the wheels, which greatly affects the driving performance skate.
Small radius is considered to be a value from 48 to 52mm. These wheels are ideal for very smooth surfaces, such as special coatings at the skate park or a very fresh and high quality asphalt. They will provide unprecedented flexibility skate. But high speed with such wheels did not develop, and any obstacle might be they can not afford.
Middle range - from 50 to 52 mm - greatsuitable for normal asphalt on the streets. But a large range (from 52 to 56 mm, and more) will give you a real speed and excellent cross-country skate in cracking conditions, chips and other noise on the pavement. But these wheels the hardest.
Optimal for normal skiing can be considered as the wheels from 52 to 54 mm, it is an average option that allows a jump on the ramp, and good control of your skate on the streets.
Keep in mind that sooner or later the wheel will still be erased, so buying too small is not without clear goals.

Choosing good wheels, do not forget about the bearings. They must also be of high quality and brand-name, otherwise the wheels will not show itself in all its strength.

Soft or Hard

Hard wheels keep better speed and fasterdispersed, and soft, but perfectly cope with disturbances such as twigs, stones or cracks. The stiffness parameter labeled "A", the toughest wheel - 101A. For street riding is better to take a fairly hard, not less than 98A, otherwise you'll have to crawl in the rearguard, riding with a group of friends.

For many skaters wheels important parameter is the color or pattern on them shown. Undoubtedly, it is worth considering, but remember, that does not affect the quality of driving.

Brand or "nouneym"?

Brand wheel, of course, guarantee youa certain level of quality, but the price is slightly higher than any Chinese. Among the brand-name brands can distinguish those for which the wheel - the main product and the ones that make the wheel just at the same time with other sports equipment. The most well known for their quality, the following brands: Pig Wheels, Autobahn, Spitfire, Hubba Wheels, Ricta, Satori Wheels. Other very good proizvodteli: Element, Toy Machine, Black Label, Zero.
Good wheels Skate cost about 1200-1500 rubles per set.

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