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How to choose a welding wire

Welding wire

Welding wire - this is the material that is used in welding to welding of metals.

What happens this is the wire, how to find and buy welding wire? These are the questions raised by many people who are interested in this topic.

Proper selection of the material ensures you a good result - namely, smooth, resistant to diffusion weld.

This article will help you make the right choice.

Welding wire started to use ourgrandparents in the early 20th century, because it is the time welding became popular. In the 20th century in the Soviet Union was a bright rise in industrial production, wage labor became necessary. In this connection, the equipment and materials required many country.

The wire used in the welding powder, and is a solid. Solid wire may be aluminum, stainless steel or copper covered surface.

Choose a powder dragged worth whenthe product will be under high pressure, subjected to considerable strain. Cored wire provides high strength and invulnerability from the heat.

If the process of your work is welding low alloy steel, copper covered wire the purchase. Such wire will prevent product diffusion for a long time.

For aluminum welding you need to take aluminumwelding wire. The strength of the material is high, and in addition to this, the luster of the wire to survive for long. The product is brewed using aluminum wire, it will look very aesthetically pleasing and carefully for a long time.

If the main thing for you - quality, high durability and reliability, choose the wire, where the phosphorus content is minimal.

The diameter and the size of any filler wire depends on the thickness of the metal that will be used in work. The thicker the sheet metal, the wire must be thicker.

Note the welding surfacewire, it has to be perfect. Seeing the dirt, rust or feel roughness, immediately give up the purchase. Working with high-quality wire will go quietly. If during welding the material begins to boil, splash, it is better to stop the process.

From now on, you will know what you need to wirechoose. There is only one question - the question of cost. Price of welding wire can be up to 3,000 rubles per skein. It is a decent wire can be purchased for 500 rubles. Now, that is exactly, you get answers to all the questions that interest you before.

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