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How to choose a water pipe tobacco

How to choose a water pipe tobacco

Hookah has become increasingly popular among the population. Many people purchase it as a souvenir, while others enthusiastically try different flavors of tobacco.

Select the appropriate feedstock can be in stores or direct from suppliers.



Contact the store for the sale of tobacco. Explore the range. You can buy a few and mix them or use individually. For example, the strawberry is good in combination with apple, etc. Look at what the package is sold tobacco. It can be a metal, plastic or paper container. Typically, small packages contain no more than 80 grams of material.


Ask the Seller a raw material producing country,Check the expiration date. Typically, tobacco can be consumed within two years from date of manufacture. Check the packaging integrity, open and see how tightly the tobacco is stored. It should be wrapped in a thick film. If possible, try to taste: sweet moment raw materials as used in the preparation of honey or molasses. Tobacco should be moist, uniform color, have an odor that is identical to the name by writing on the packaging.


Make sure that the tobacco stored in a drycool and dark place. The room should not be exposed to direct sunlight and drafts can not be. Ask the seller what conditions they have in stock, how it is stored and how providers are organized delivery process in the place of sale.


Smell of tobacco. For this Collect several types of raw material from different manufacturers. All of them having the same tastes, will have a different flavor. Thus, you can decide to purchase faster.


Note the name of the manufacturer. "Nahla" is considered a classic view of the raw materials available in the market. Submitted by a wide variety of tastes. This tobacco caught their cheapness and availability. You can purchase it at almost any store that has products for hookah. In addition, it is packaged in a small container that allows frequently changing tastes without being costly.


Try tobacco "Havana", which gives a littlemore smoke than "Nahla". The disadvantage was its ability to feed to rapid overheating, so all the time necessary to control the level of heat during the smoking process.


Very common tobacco company Al Fakher,which allows you to experience the whole gamut of tastes and smells of this fruit, berries, chocolate and others. He gives the thick smoke, not undercooked. Contains virtually no drawbacks. Golden Al Fakher is a continuation of this product and has no less exquisite range of flavors, in addition, if inhaled, it seems that drinking wine.

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