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How to choose a water meter


How to choose a water meter</a>

If your apartment is inhabited only by membersFamilies with a permanent registration at this address, it is more economical to install cold and hot water meters in it than to pay for this water at tariffs.

In the event that the water meter will be used for domestic needs, you need to choose an inexpensive, but reliable device that will serve you more than one year.

What water meters can I buy from the store?

About 20 years ago, when the installation was just beginningWater meters in apartments, many domestic enterprises began their production with the use of components purchased in France, Italy, Germany. But gradually, having mastered manufacturing technologies, Russian manufacturers began to collect these devices on their own, the quality of which is no worse than imported ones. Therefore, mainly those water meters that can be bought in a store, domestic production.
According to the principle of operation, water meters are divided intoMechanical, electromagnetic, vortex and ultrasonic. The most popular are mechanical vane water meters, inexpensive and reliable. Mounted inside the vane mechanism - the impeller rotates together with the flow of water through the pipe. The calibration allows you to "tie" the number of revolutions of this mechanism to the volume of water passed through the pipes. As you can see, everything is quite simple, but by purchasing such a meter, keep in mind that special counters should be placed on cold and hot water. That counter, which is designed for cold, can not be put on a hot one, but a counter designed for hot water can be installed on a cold one.
In the event that you want to determine the volumeWater consumption with high accuracy, it is possible to install an electromagnetic counter that provides the highest measurement accuracy irrespective of the temperature and density of the water flow. Its disadvantages include cost and energy dependence - the meter is connected to the mains. Recently, however, on sale there are such meters with autonomous power sources.
Use for household needs, expensiveVortex counters in which the flow rate of water is measured by a vortex trace, or ultrasonic does not make sense - the volumes of consumption in your apartment are not so large that they can pay themselves back.

Rules for installing water meters

If you buy a counterYourself, pre-consult with a plumber, who services your house. It is necessary to take into account the operating parameters of your water supply system in order to make the right choice. It is best if the installation of the device is also made by specialists to either the management company or the HOA who have access to this kind of work.
Installation of the water meter is made under the contract,After installation you must sign the certificate of work performed and with these documents contact the company that provides water supply at home to register the meter and register it.

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