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How to choose a water meter

How to choose a water meter

Unless the members live in your apartmentfamilies with permanent registration at the address, more cost-effective to install it counter cold and hot water, than to pay their water rates.

In the case where the water meter is to be used for domestic needs, choose an inexpensive but reliable device that will serve you for many years.

What kind of water meters can be purchased in the store

About 20 years ago, when only just begun the installationwater meters in apartments, many domestic enterprises have started their production with the use of components purchased in France, Italy and Germany. But gradually, having mastered the production technology, the Russian manufacturers began to independently collect these instruments, whose quality is not inferior to imported. So basically the counter for the water that you can buy in the store, domestic production.
By the principle of action for water meters are divided intomechanical, electromagnetic, vortex and ultrasonic. The most popular are mechanical vane water meters, cheap and reliable. Mounted within a blade mechanism - the impeller rotates with the tube by passing a stream of water. Calibration is allows you to "fix" the number of revolutions of this mechanism to the volume of water passed through the pipes. As you can see, everything is quite simple, but getting such a counter, keep in mind that the cold and hot water need to put special counters. That count, which is intended for the cold can not be put on hot, but the counter is designed for hot water, can be installed on the cold.
In the case when you want to determine the amount ofwater consumption with high precision, it is possible to install the electromagnetic counter, providing superior accuracy regardless of temperature and density of the water flow. Its disadvantages include cost and volatility - the meter is connected to the mains. In recent years, however, went on sale counters are self-powered.
Use for household needs costlyvortex meters, with a water flow rate is measured by the wake vortex or ultrasound does not make sense - consumption volumes in your apartment not so great that they were able to recoup itself.

Terms of installation of water meters

If you purchase the countertheir own, previously consult with a qualified plumber serving your home. It is necessary to take into account the operating parameters of your water supply system, to make the right choice. Best of all, if the installation of the device also produce specialists and that the management company or HOA, having access to this kind of work.
Installation of a water meter is carried out under the contract,After installation, you must sign a certificate of completion, and these documents to contact the company that provides the water supply at home for the counter registration and its registration.

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