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How to choose a filter for water purification

How to choose a filter for water purification

Despite the fact that today the drinking water before how to get to the consumer, is cleared on the latest technologies, to use only a few risk of tap water.

The correct water filter can protect households from health problems.

A wide range of accessories in order to find the optimum device for the purification of water from the tap for every budget.

Water treatment plants only bring drinkingwater up to a certain standard, but it passes through the tubes may degrade its condition due to the presence of rust on the metal. Water with an unpleasant odor can easily be cleaned with the help of available water filters, manufacturers provide efficiency up to 99%. To select a filter to purify tap water, it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances.

Types of water filters

Filters differ in cleaning technology. This device may be a multi-stage purification, electrochemical filters that remove impurities kill bacteria. There ionnobmennye filters that make the water softer, eliminating salt, heavy metals. You can buy the equipment from the sorption filtration, their work is based on the absorption of chlorine, organic compounds absorber. Most often it acts in its role as activated carbon. On sale there and membrane filters for water, characterized by robustness and versatility.
The most common today are simplefilter jugs. Such liquid cleaners have an attractive cost, and they are popular because of the ease of use. To purify water, enough to pour it into a bowl pitcher - the liquid passes through a built-in cartridge. The amount of filter jugs varies up to 2 liters on average, specially to take care of such equipment is not necessary, you only need to regularly change the cartridge.
Sold and nozzles on the crane, this type of filtersmay take the form of a barrel or cylinder. They take up little space and are screwed to the tap, automatically clearing all incoming water. There are filters with nozzle switches, with which you can not remove the device when you need to get regular water. Resource and performance of each nozzle will vary.

What other water filters are

Wall, table filters - a deviceflow type, connected to the tap water inlet hose. It is considered the most efficient and productive, filters of this type are mounted on the wall or on the countertop next to the crane.
Stationary devices - suitable for a largefamily, provide optimal cleaning. Filters of this type have excellent performance and power, they are mounted under the sink and faucet filter installation is displayed above the sink. Stationary filters require tie-in plumbing.
The cost of the filters for water is different, it isequipment allows clean fluid from all sorts of impurities, heavy metals, rust, bacteria. When purchasing appliances you need to consider the quality of cleaning and filter performance, you can choose the device family or a single person.

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