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How to choose a water filter

aquafiltering to the selection should be approached with the utmost care

The degree of purification of drinking water depends on a person's health. Water, as it flows through water pipes, collects sand, clay, iron pieces.

Purchase a water filter? this is one of the most efficient and effective ways to obtain clean drinking water.

In today's market there are a wide variety of filter types.

The most common are: a pre-filter nozzle to the crane, stationary filters, jug species wagon.



Particulate Filter. These filters are designed for purification of water from undissolved impurities (eg, sand, silt, rust), they protect your household appliances and plumbing, which may fail due to various impurities. Also prefilters significantly facilitate the work of conventional filters for drinking water.

Note that, for cleaning of hot or cold water is necessary to set different body and different modules, which differ in resistance.
Furthermore, prefilters are different performance, which depends on the volume of the housing. For use in the apartment, you will be enough to establish a ten prefilter housing.

It is important to remember that water that has passed through the pre-filter is not drinking, since it is cleaned only by insoluble pieces.


Attachment to the crane? it filters small size, which are attached to the crane when it is necessary to purify water. They have a small rate of filtration (glass per minute). The disadvantage of such a filter is that which they have to often remove and attach to the crane, but they can be stored anywhere.


Stationary filters.

In this case, the filter is built intowater system, and he is under the sink. In this case, you need to install a new faucet from which will flow only pure water. This is the most convenient form of filters, as for washing dishes, you can use plain water, and for cooking? purified. Such filters have a maximum life (4000? 15000 liters), and the highest rate of water treatment.


Filter jug.

They are separate containers thatappearance resemble an electric kettle. Water in such filters is poured into a special section, and then it passes through the filtration unit and into the new container. Therefore, these filters can be used in any environment.



Also, there are filters that canuse in field conditions. They are versatile and compact, you can always take them with you. These filters always bactericidal, ie kill bacteria.

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