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How to choose a watch, so they began to bring luck

How to choose a watch, so they began to bring luck

Beautiful watch - it's not just the actual accessory that decorates the arm, but also a powerful magical amulet.

A well-chosen watch will help to avoid obstacles on the path of life, help to develop positive character traits.

It depends on the material from which they are made.

Gold watches They have a strong energy. It has long been considered the magic gold material with supernatural powers. This metal has a strong relationship with the sun. Watches made of gold, to help cope with the disease, strengthen the immune system and prolong life.

Silver watch help to find happiness in your personal life. Silver is able to accumulate the energy of the moon, which helps in the fight against chronic diseases and protects against the evil eye and spoilage. Put your silver watch on the window sill on a moonlit night, and you get a powerful talisman, charged with positive energy.

Brass clock able to direct positive energy in the weak spots in the body of its owner. The energy of the copper - a mirror, so it is advisable to wear lefties brass clock on his right hand and right-handed - on the left.

Brass clock help to achieve financial well-being. They will help its owner to succeed in their professional activities, as well as protect against accidents, natural disasters and evil people.

Steel watches create a powerful protective shield around him. Steel is able to accumulate positive energy and neutralize the negative impact. It reliably protects its owner from the troubles, and the clock mechanism from damage.

Ceramic watch recommended for people who are prone to sudden mood swings. These watches can affect your mood and help you not to give plastic

Watch oval can soften cantankerous female character, and will make its possessor more soft and docile.

For men indecisive recommended a clear form the clock with sharp edges. They will help to purchase self-confidence and confidence in the future.

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