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How to choose a watch as a gift to the man

How to choose a watch as a gift to the man

Clock - a great gift for a man. They are one of the few available men jewelry, show good taste and high status.

So choose the right watch as a gift can be quite difficult.

To whom and when to give the clock?

Good watches can give the mostdifferent occasions. It can be a gift on the occasion of graduation or graduation. Watches can give to a variety of anniversary, decorating them with the appropriate engravings. Remember, if you are going to give the clock to the wedding, they should be part of the pair a gift, it is required by the rules of etiquette.
Most of the questions when choosing a watch as a presentis the type of mechanism. The best option considered quartz watches that can withstand high loads, do not lag behind and do not hurry, do not require special maintenance. Mechanical watch needs careful treatment and routine maintenance, but, unlike the quartz, which are subject to aging, they can work for centuries. Electronic clock suitable as a gift to sports people. They are an ideal option for young men to get involved in tourism and sports. People are middle-aged and older electronic clock is not necessary to give.

How to choose a suitable watch?

Watches vary in style. For example, costume classic watches worn with a suit, weekend hours are used for active recreation (sports, tourism, diving), fashion watches wear clothes designed for a hike in a bar or club. So choose the clocks should be based on the image of a man's life, which you are going to give them.
For example, a person who focuses onwork, not love parties and nightlife, is to give the most classic conservative watch, a young man who works in an advertising agency and often walks at night, you can give a trendy fashion-watch.
When choosing a watch, consider the male complexion. Low "compact" people do not have to give massive watch, because they are weird look on his arm, and a big man can not give a small, elegant watch, which just lost to them.
There are some universal ruleschoosing the color of the clock. Usually men like items with white or light-metal housing, dim to dark dial and strap. However, you can find a less traditional options, but better, of course, to avoid overly bright acidic colors.
ideal size dial watch has a diameter of between four and four and a half centimeters. They even from afar well-read time.

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