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How to choose a watch


The choice of a watch can only at first glance seem like a simple purchase.

Looking at the range in modern watch shops, even the one who knows exactly what brand the mechanism should be doubts will doubt.

Manufacturers offer buyers a huge selection of their products, but when selecting watches, each model you like should be evaluated by several indicators.

Clock and appearance or design of the apartment

The main thing, what should I pay attention to firstThe queue is the appearance of the watch. If you choose a wristband, then it should look harmoniously with the wardrobe. Supporters of business style can experiment with models that have leather or metal straps. Sports fans should prefer wrist watches with increased reliability of fastening. There are combinations of watches that are considered universal and fit almost any wardrobe.
If you choose a clock in an apartment or office, thenIt is important to assess the style of the existing interior. In the modern bright design, new models with unusual design options will look good. For classical directions, for example, Italian, French or vintage design, watches with elements of antiquity are more suitable. Forged accessories, cases made of natural wood or metal - all these elements can greatly emphasize this or that direction in interior design.

Brand and functionality of watches

Allow yourself the acquisition of hours of expensiveBrands can not everyone. That is why many are in a hurry to give preference to fakes. However, such a decision is not a way out of the situation, there is a high probability of purchasing an absolutely inferior product, which will very quickly fail. Buy better products of well-known brands that have proven themselves in the market.
Pay attention to the assortment of watches. Some manufacturers copy the most attractive elements of well-known brands, so similarly outwardly watches can be found as expensive, and at an affordable price.
Having chosen the model you need, carefully study the availability ofAdditional functions. For travelers or lovers of outdoor recreation, a watch with a compass, a barometer, a waterproof or shock-proof casing is the best choice. There are even some types of accessories for conquerors of mountains, water elements or admirers of extreme sports.
At hours for the house the functional also candiffer. If you need an accessory for interior decoration, then pay attention to the appearance and quality of the mechanism. If you need a home or office assistant, it will not be superfluous to have such functions as an alarm clock, calendar, notebook or air temperature meter.

General recommendations

Most watch buyers want toThe accessory combined all the necessary elements. However, it is almost impossible to find such a model. If the watch is for you not only a decoration, but also a necessary accessory, then try to purchase several of their varieties.
When buying, carefully inspect the clock. Traces of damage, chips and even the slightest scratch on them should not be. If you have a suspicion that a low-quality product is in front of you - better immediately refuse to purchase. In addition, carefully study the terms and conditions of the warranty. The absence of such a document can result in a waste of money.

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