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How to choose a watch


Selecting the clock may at first glance seem like a simple purchase.

Looking at the range of time in modern stores, begin to doubt even the one who knows exactly what brand should be a mechanism.

Manufacturers offer customers an extensive range of its products, but also in the selection of hours every favorite model should be judged by several indicators.

Clock and the appearance or design of the apartment

The main thing is to pay attention firstplace - is the appearance of hours. If you choose a wrist option, it must look harmonious with wardrobe. Supporters business style, you can experiment with models with leather or metal straps. Fans of the sport is better to give preference to a wristwatch having enhanced performance fastener reliability. There are options, combined hours that are considered universal and fit almost any wardrobe.
If you choose to watch the apartment or office, thenit is important to assess the existing style of the interior. In a modern bright design will look good new models with unusual design options. For classical lines, such as Italian, French or vintage design more suitable clock with vintage elements. Forged accessories, enclosures made of wood or metal - all of these elements can greatly emphasize one or another direction in the interior design.

Mark and functionality hours

Afford the expensive watchesbrands can not everyone. That is why many in a hurry to give preference to counterfeiting. However, this solution is not a way out, there is a high probability of acquiring absolutely poor-quality goods, which very quickly goes down. Buy the best products of famous brands that have proven themselves in the market.
Note the range of hours. Some manufacturers have copied the most attractive elements of the well-known brands, so similar in appearance watches you can find both expensive and affordable.
By selecting the appropriate model, review the availability of carefullyadditional functions. For travelers or lovers of nature optimally suited Watch with compass, barometer, waterproof or shockproof housing. There are even some varieties of accessories for explorers of the mountains, the water element, or fans of extreme sports.
The watch house functional can alsodiffer. If you need an accessory for the interior decoration, it is necessary to pay attention to the appearance and quality of the mechanism. If you need a home or office assistant, it will come in handy features such as an alarm clock, calendar, address book, or measuring air temperature.

General recommendations

Most customers want to watch, toaccessory combine all the necessary elements. However, this model is almost impossible to find. If the clock for you to not only jewelry, but also a necessary accessory, try to get some of their species.
When you purchase, inspect the watch. No traces of damage, chips, and even the slightest scratch on them should not be. If you have a suspicion that in front of you low-quality product - it is better to give up the purchase. In addition, carefully read the warranty terms and conditions. The absence of such a document may result in a waste of money.

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