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How to choose a washbasin


How to choose a washbasin</a>

Modern washbasins are made of different materials and have a wide variety of shapes and colors.

Having measured the parameters, armed with tape measure or having made a design project, you can safely go to the store to choose a sink - such an important detail of every kitchen, bathroom or toilet.



To not be mistaken with the size of the purchasedWashbasin, at home make a measurement of the height, width and depth of the place where you plan to install the sink. Record the information in notepad. Outline the layout of furniture and other items in the bathroom or make a detailed plan of the bathroom and toilet.


Determine which material you prefer. Washstands made of faience and porcelain are most widely distributed and in large quantities are represented in specialized stores. Ceramic products are resistant to aggressive environment, practically not amenable to mechanical damage, but at the same time it is fragile enough. With accurate use, their service life is at least 20 years. Due to their high weight, such shells must be firmly and securely attached to the wall. Stainless steel washbasins are cheap and popular. The main disadvantages of these products are loud noise produced by water falling on the bottom, and easily appearing scratches on the surface. Very quickly, metal shells lose their gloss polished to a mirror gloss and are covered with small and deep strokes from contact with cutlery, pans and pans. To create a more interesting design, choose a wash basin from unconventional materials: glass, natural stone, wood. Transparent and marble sinks perfectly fit in the author's interiors, although they may be a bit impractical in use.


Choose the color and shape of interest to youWashbasin. There are black, white, decorated with flowers, square and round, deep and flat products - do not be shy about your desires and consider the general design of the installation site. Console shells are attached to the walls using a bracket. They are convenient in that you can choose any height of the installation, for example, for yourself or your child, from above the washing machine. Despite the fact that the wall bowls are very common, many do not like their general appearance: under the sink are visible systems of water supply and communication. The "tulips" are composed of a pedestal and a bowl. Choose this form of washbasin for a spacious room, such items look effectively themselves as interior items. To save space, install a sink built into the cabinet. In stores there is a huge selection of ready-made variants of a set of bowl, bedside table and hinged mirror.


For a separate toilet, select a small wash-stand. This washbasin is perfect for bathrooms with a small area.

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