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How to choose a washbasin

How to choose a washbasin

Modern sinks are made from different materials and have a variety of shapes and colors.

Metering options, armed with a tape measure or reaching the design project, you can safely go to the store to select the shell - the important details of each kitchen, bathroom or toilet.



Not to be mistaken with the size of the purchasedwashbasin, home pre-make the measurement of height, width and depth of the space where you plan to install the sink. Record the information in a notebook. Sketch the layout of the furniture and other items in the bathroom or make a detailed plan for a bathroom and toilet.


Determine what kind of material you preferred. Basins made of faience and porcelain are most prevalent in large quantities are presented in specialized stores. Ceramics are resistant to aggressive environments, are resistant to mechanical damage, but at the same time quite fragile. When used carefully, their lifespan is at least 20 years. Because of the heavy weight of such shell should be firmly and securely attached to the stainless steel stene.Umyvalniki fairly cheap and popular. The main drawbacks of these products - a loud noise made by falling to the bottom of the water, and easily gets scratched on the surface. Very quickly, the metal shell loses its polished to a mirror gloss shine and are covered by the shallow and deep strokes on contact with cutlery, pans and kastryulyami.Dlya create a more interesting design, select the washbasin of unconventional materials: glass, stone, wood. Transparent and marble sinks fit perfectly into the author's interiors, although they may be a bit impractical to use.


Please select your desired color and shapewashbasin. There are black, white, decorated with flowers, square, round, deep and flat products - do not hesitate to their desires and consider the overall design of the installation site. Sinks console attached to the wall using brackets. They are convenient because you can choose any installation height, for example, for yourself or a child, on top of the washing machine. Despite the fact that the cup wall are very common, many people do not like their general form under visible washbasin water supply system and kommunikatsii.Rakoviny "Tulips" are made up of pedestal and the bowl. Select this shape washbasin for a spacious room, such products are effectively looked themselves as objects interera.Dlya save space, install a sink, built-in cabinet. The shops offer a wide selection of ready-made set of variants of the bowl, cabinets and mounted mirror.


To select a small separate toilet vanity. This washbasin is perfect and bathroom with a small area.

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