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How to choose wallpaper on a non-woven basis for a bedroom


How to choose wallpaper on a non-woven basis for a bedroom</a>

Fleece is a non-woven material that consists of textile or cellulose fibers bonded together with binders.

Wallpaper on non-woven base are becoming more popular every year.

Characteristics of non-woven wallpaper

Flizelin is characterized by high elasticity. Wallpaper on this basis perfectly keep the shape, so do not deform during gluing and do not crumple after. In new buildings it is recommended to paste them, because the walls after the construction give a shrinkage. In addition, they perfectly hide the cracks and irregularities of the walls.
Some consumers consider these wallpapers to be dangerousFor health, in reality, the non-woven base is completely harmless. Such wallpaper is made of safe and environmentally friendly materials, which makes them quite expensive.

Wallpaper on non-woven basis is necessaryBuy in specialized stores that have the necessary quality certificates. In this case, you will save yourself and your loved ones from possible negative consequences of counterfeits.

In order to reduce the cost, producersProduce a cheaper option - vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis. Vinyl is a synthetic material that emits formaldehyde at combustion temperature. In normal condition it is completely harmless, so it is great for pasting the walls of a bedroom. Such wallpaper refers to a lower price category.

The advantage of wallpaper on a non-woven base is the ease of gluing - you can apply to the wall dry, applying glue pre-wall.

Non-woven wallpaper for the bedroom

When choosing wallpaper for a bedroom, you need to considerAll the details. First you need to decide what exactly you want. It is necessary to remember that the chosen color will reflect your inner world and influence the mood.

Real non-woven wallpaper has a dense and hard texture, and the budget option is softer.

When choosing you need to take into account the features of the bedroomRoom. If the lighting is inadequate - the wallpaper of light colors is perfect: beige, light pink, golden, they will visually make the room lighter.
When a person suffers from insomnia, dark blue tones are ideal.
For active and dynamic people, a bright palette is suitable: red, crimson, violet, pastel colors will cause them boredom and irritation.
The calm, muted colors are best for the bedroom. In a small bedroom, the wallpaper with a fine pattern will look great, and in a spacious room with a large image.
You can choose non-woven wallpaper for painting, then you can change colors according to your desire and mood.

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