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How to choose a wallpaper on non-woven basis bedroom

How to choose a wallpaper on non-woven basis bedroom

Nonwoven - nonwoven material which consists of cellulose or textile fibers bonded by means of binders.

Wallpaper on a paper basis are becoming more popular every year.

Characteristics of non-woven wallpaper

Fleece has high elasticity. Wallpaper on the basis of a well-kept shape, so do not deform during bonding and does not warp after. In new buildings it is recommended to apply them, because after the construction of the walls shrink. In addition they are perfectly hide cracks and irregularities of the walls.
Some consumers find these wallpapers dangeroussame paper basis is harmless to health in real life. These wallpapers are made of safe and non-polluting materials, which makes them quite expensive.

Wallpaper on a paper basis is necessaryacquire in specialized stores, with the necessary quality certificates. In this case, you will save yourself and loved ones from the possible negative consequences of counterfeiting.

In order to reduce costs, manufacturersproduce a cheaper option - Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven basis. Vinyl is a synthetic material that is released during combustion temperature formaldehyde. In the normal state, it is completely harmless, so it's perfect for pasting the walls of the bedroom. These wallpapers are in a lower price category.

The advantage of non-woven wallpaper basis is simplicity sticking out - can be applied to the wall dry, causing the adhesive to the wall beforehand.

Non-woven wallpaper bedroom

When choosing wallpaper for the bedroom to be consideredall the details. First you need to decide exactly what you want. Keep in mind that the selected color will reflect your inner world and have an impact on mood.

These non-woven wallpaper has a dense and firm texture, and a budget option - softer.

When choosing a need to take into account features of the bedroomroom. If insufficient lighting - perfectly suited Wallpaper light colors: beige, light pink, golden, they visually make the room lighter.
When a person suffers from insomnia ideal dark-blue tones.
For active and dynamic people fit bright palette: red, crimson, purple, pastel colors will cause their boredom and irritation.
It is best suited for the bedroom quiet, muted colors. In a small size bedroom will look great wallpaper with a small figure, but in a spacious room - with a large image.
You can select non-woven wallpaper for painting, then you can change colors as you wish and mood.

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