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How to choose a video editor

How to choose a video editor

Any video editor belongs to a class of complex programs.

Even the most common of these include a variety of functions.

As a result, the one who figured out the capabilities of at least one video editor, becomes his follower.

To see exactly what you needvideo editor, it is necessary to study and opt for the one that best suits you. Before choosing a program, make sure that your computer meets the system requirements requested.
WindowsMovieMaker. To begin start with the fact that it is always located in the immediate vicinity, namely - WindowsMovieMaker. it will be difficult to find more than a simple editor, than this. This video editor is installed on each system, Russified and includes installation tips. It is good to begin to learn the basics of editing. However, there are significant drawback - it is necessary to forget about the sound mixing.
PinnacleStudio. Great editor for amateur videos. storyboard interface is easy to use, simple and modern design features. With PinnacleStudiostalo possible to create high-quality videos with animation, the use of sound effects DolbyDigital. In addition, the program includes such features as rapid creation of titles, the adjustment of light and color in the frame, and the use of its set of sounds.
Corel VideoStudio Pro. This editor is perfect for beginners because it allows you to create a video clip in one program. You can do this on automatic, without possessing any special knowledge.
Adobe. If you have already mastered AdobePhotoshop, then selecting a program for the installation, you should get AdobePremierePro. Thus, you get AdobeDynamicLink function, which gives unlimited opportunity to create a video with various special effects. However, this program functions largely inferior SonyVegas.
Vegas. SonyVegasPro is a full featured video editor designed for non-linear editing, and has, in contrast to its competitors the excellent work with sound effects. Also, this program can work with 3D layers and masks Beziers, while it is the least demanding of computer resources of all the submitted programs. It is worth noting that SonyVegasPro has a specific interface and to get used to it can take some time.
Grassvalleyedius. This is one of the most popular video editing professional level. EDIUS is unique in that it can operate in real time, virtually every one of the supported formats in the original quality and resolution. With EDIUS users can connect and stirring being performed at a different format, codec, resolution, while functioning to native material quality in real time.
Of course, the choice of programs is much largerpresented. However, at the moment they are the most common. Before you decide on the selection of the video editor, look online first video tutorials, which are the program interface, and then to proceed to the election.

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