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How to choose a VAZ

How to choose a VAZ

Domestic cars are still among the top ten best-selling cars in Russia. This is due to relatively low prices for machinery and services, a large market of used vehicles.

And lately AvtoVAZ began regularly to the motorists new and restyled models.

Russian wagon with a French accent

What are the trends now offering AvtoVAZ? The family of Lada Largus models is considered one of the most successful new products of the domestic auto industry. Versatile for Renault based in three trim levels - standard, norm and luxury. The car is presented in the 5 and 7 terraced form, and in the back of the van. The car is very spacious interior and large trunk volume 560dm3 (7-seater - 135dm3), and that makes it a real family car, and workhorse. basic configuration price starts from 380 thousand rubles. Of course, for the money you will not get electropackage and airbags. But accessories can be delivered separately. A Largus not produce with automatic (but I hope). The cost of the complete suite starts at 450 thousand rubles. Due to the great popularity of Largus is not always available in showrooms. And it has to wait for the order, or choose from the presented complete set.

Sports cars for advanced youth

The sensational Lada Granta is not going to taketurnovers, but rather increases them. In order to attract young buyers group released Granta Sport. So, meet - 1.8 liter engine, power 118l.s., ABS, power accessories and luxury interior finishes. But most importantly - the dynamics: up to 100km / h Granta accelerates in 9.5 seconds. And these are real figures. But the announced price of 480 thousand rubles pushes Granta Sport in an unequal battle, not only with used cars, but also with "colleagues" on the assembly shop - family Priora cars. After the recent restyling of the car began to look more stylish - removed the rear wheel arches, made separate lights and changed the interior elements. Now we have to release a version with automatic transmission and fans from Priora significantly increase.

Lada Kalina - a new image and new opportunities

But Lada Kalina already be written in the "old"- For many years the car is kept in display Following customers and, most importantly, to take their positions are not going to. Especially now, when motorists are cast away doubts and appreciated version with an automatic transmission. And on the machine to produce cars and station wagon. In the spring of 2013 with conveyor gone fundamentally new Kalina with a new body design and technical improvements. Now the car in a complete set of Lux on the "machine" can be bought for 450 thousand. But this price can seriously increase the competitiveness of Lada Kalina in the segment of budget cars.

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