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How to choose a vacuum cleaner: features of vacuum cleaners of different brands


How to choose a vacuum cleaner: features of vacuum cleaners of different brands</a>

Perhaps there is no house where the vacuum cleaner would not be useful: even when you have no carpets on the floors and walls, it is necessary for cleaning furniture, removing web from walls and ceilings.

Choosing this household appliance, you should consider not only your needs, but also the manufacturer, because each and they produce vacuum cleaners that have their own characteristics.

General principles of choosing a vacuum cleaner

Many companies produce all kinds of domesticVacuum cleaners: detergents, usual and with aquafilite. The washing vacuum cleaner is a multifunctional device that performs a variety of operations: it cleans surfaces from dust, cleans floors, carpets and floor coverings, is used for wet cleaning and even washes windows. But these devices are very expensive.

Note that some models of vacuum cleaners should be stored in disassembled form, they also have large dimensions and take up a lot of storage space.

The usual vacuum cleaners are familiar to everyone. Their advantages are simplicity in operation and storage, low price. Such a vacuum cleaner will be enough if you do not live in a palace, you have few rooms, carpets and upholstered furniture, too. Typical vacuum cleaners of different brands are similar in functionality, the main difference is containers or bags for dust collection. Using only bags is not very economical, so give preference to a vacuum cleaner with a container, with which you can sometimes use bags.
A vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter for functionality - somethingThe middle between the first two types. Their cost is lower than that of detergents, and the functions are greater than those of conventional ones. In addition, the collected dust is passed through a water filter and settles in it, making the air in the room wet and clean.

Features of some brands of household vacuum cleaners

Deciding which vacuum cleaner to choose, it is necessary to take into accountRating of preferences. Judging by popularity, the most good Russians consider vacuum cleaners of the brands Bosch, Electrolux and Samsung. The German company Bosch, which produces the widest range of household appliances, is well known for the quality of its products. Vacuum cleaners of this brand are characterized by effective work in any, even extreme, operating conditions, quality of cleaning and modern multilevel system of filtration.
Company from Sweden Electrolux presentsBuyers the widest choice of vacuum cleaners, equipped with a comfortable air basket, the original filtration system of exhaust air flow, modern dust collection technology and high ergonomic parameters that make these vacuum cleaners particularly convenient to operate.

Having chosen a suitable model of a vacuum cleaner, read the reviews of consumers who have already bought it on websites on the Internet.

Vacuum cleaners of South Korean brand Samsung is goodAre known to Russian consumers. They have an optimal price / quality ratio and are very simple and hopeful in operation. They use microfilters HEPA for air purification.

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