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How to choose a vacuum cleaner: features of different brands of vacuum cleaners

How to choose a vacuum cleaner: features of different brands of vacuum cleaners

Perhaps there is no house, which would not come in handy vacuum cleaner: even when you have floors and walls do not have carpet, it is necessary to clean the furniture, removing cobwebs from the walls and ceilings.

Choosing this appliance, you should take into account not only your needs, but also the manufacturers, because each and they produces vacuum cleaners with their own characteristics.

General principles for the selection of a vacuum cleaner

Many companies produce all kinds of householdvacuum cleaners: detergents, conventional and akvafiltom. Vacuum Cleaner - multi-function device that performs a variety of tasks: he cleaned the surface of the dust-washing the floors, carpets and floor coverings, used for wet cleaning, and even washing windows. But these devices are very expensive.

Note that some models of vacuum cleaners should be stored unassembled, they also have a large size and occupy a lot of space for storage.

Conventional vacuum cleaners are well known to all. Their advantage is the ease of use and storage, low price. Such a vacuum cleaner is quite enough if you do not live in the palace, rooms have a bit of carpets and upholstered furniture too. Conventional vacuum cleaners of different brands in its functionality is similar, the main difference - the containers or bags to collect dust. Using only the bags are not very economical, so give preference to a vacuum cleaner with a container, which can sometimes be used bags.
Vacuums with akvafiltom functionality - somethingthe average between the first two types. Their cost is lower than the cleaning and functions more than the conventional one. Also, collected dust is passed through a water filter and settles it, making indoor air clean and moist.

Features some brands of household vacuum cleaners

When deciding which to choose a vacuum cleaner, you should considerpreference rating. Judging by the popularity, most Russians consider good vacuum cleaners brands Bosch, Electrolux and Samsung. German by Bosch, which produces a wide range of home appliances, is well known for the quality of their products. Vacuum cleaners of this brand are different effective work in any, even extreme, operating conditions, cleaning quality and modern multi-level filtatsii system.
The company of Electrolux in Sweden iscustomers the widest range of vacuum cleaners equipped with comfortable air-basket, the original filtration system exhaust air flow, modern technology collecting dust and high ergonomic performance that make these vacuum cleaners is particularly convenient to use.

Choosing the right model of the vacuum cleaner, check out consumer reviews already bought it on websites.

Vacuum Cleaner Samsung South Korean brand is goodIt is known to Russian consumers. They have the best quality / price ratio and are very simple to use and hope. They are used to clean the air microfilter HEPA.

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