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How to choose a vacuum cleaner

How to choose a vacuum cleaner

Vacuums - an indispensable tool for cleaning the house. Today, the choice of these appliances is so diverse that even sophisticated buyer is able to get lost in it.

However, if you know what kind of vacuum cleaner you need and what you have requirements for its main parameters, your choices are considerably narrowed.

So, what criteria should be considered when choosing a vacuum cleaner.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner for the type of cleaning

Modern vacuum cleaners are divided into types:
- Wet uborki-
- For dry-
- For combined cleaning.
The models of vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning moresimple. As a rule, they are used to clean the floor without coating, flooring, carpets, carpet, furniture, clothing. These vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning areas in the home where moisture is contraindicated. Of the advantages of devices for dry cleaning may be noted their compactness, efficiency, ease of management.
For a more cost effective wet cleaningchoose the washing vacuum cleaner. Such models are large in size and are more expensive. However, this type of vacuum cleaner has an important advantage: they can produce and wet and dry cleaning, spray on the surface moisture and then suck the last.
With the device for wet cleaning, you can easilywill remove the spilled liquid on the floor, clean the furniture, carpet wash out. Vacuum Cleaner is great for general cleaning of the apartment, especially kitchen and bathroom, where there are usually tiled covering.
Moreover, with its help you can easily washwindows, clean the air in the house, make cleaning a blocked bath and sink. cleaning Vacuuming very: just 1 time per week to your room was clean. In turn, a dry cleaning service is available daily.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner according to the degree of power and size

Suction power - a weighty argument in favor ofselect a specific model of vacuum cleaner. Small capacity vacuum cleaner - 300 W - allow you to remove the dust from the laminate, linoleum, carpet, parquet. Higher capacity - up to 450 watts - is needed when you want to treat the carpet with a high pile, pet hair or strong dirt. However, in current models of vacuum cleaners is available on the power switch, which allows to select a specific mode, depending on the type of coating, and also the degree of contamination.
It is equally important to determine the dimensions of the device. Small compact vacuum cleaners have the ease, good maneuverability, they are easy to store. However, the mini vacuum cleaner is not usually available additional filters. In addition, these models have a little power, and break down more often than larger devices. In turn, the Full Size cleaners, although not very convenient in storage and use, have a large capacity, a plurality of additional functions, the ability to install more filters.

Selecting a dust collector

From type dust collector depends largely cleaning efficiency and comfort in use of the vacuum cleaner.
The main types of dust collectors are:
- Paper bags which effectively collect dust, but need to be replaced once a month-
- Fabric bags in which pores pass dust, which negatively affects the work filtrov-
- The plastic container, which is the most convenient type dust collectors. It gets off the dust in a dense clump that after cleaning simply discarded.

Filters and vacuum cleaner accessories

Filter - one of the important components of the vacuum cleaner. It reduces the amount of dust particles blown from the running device together with the air. This is the most important for families with small children and people with allergies.
The quantity and efficiency depend filterspurification and price of the vacuum cleaner. Cloth, synthetic, paper filters can hold about 80% of the dust. Water filter is more effective - it is able to capture small particles of dust, moisturizing and weighing it. It also has a function room flavoring.
Popular are also porous filtersmaterial produced on the basis of fiberglass - N.E.R.A. They can trap the smallest particles of dust, which contain harmful substances for the health.
One of the modern types of filters -a steam generator, which is able to disinfect the surface, remove the mold, neutralize mites and insects. Handle can be furniture, carpets, curtains, windows, plumbing and clothing, household appliances and lighting.
Also, there are electrostatic filters,which can hold up to 99% of dust and antibacterial filters, capable to neutralize and the very dust and microscopic harmful organisms. Pay special attention to the fact that replacement filters are better built - they may be cleaned or replaced.
Different nozzles are accessoriesvacuum. In addition to standard nozzle for carpets and smooth surfaces for cracks, complete can be present turbo brush - nozzle-roller, which is intended for coating with any lint and hair.

Additional parameters of the vacuum cleaner

Well, if there is a complete telescopic tube - it gives the opportunity to adjust the optimum length.
A convenient length is considered cleaner cord 6 m or more. It makes life easier for the owners of apartments with the function of the vacuum cleaner cord avtosmotki.
Especially noise parameter is relevant if the house has a small child or an elderly person. To check to verify this level, ask the seller to include the device.
In order not to be mistaken with a choice of cleaner,give preference to products of reliable manufacturers - for example, Bosch, Karcher, Thomas. Less expensive, but also worthy of models are available from Philips companies, Electrolux, Samsung.

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