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How to choose a TV for the bathroom

How to choose a TV for the bathroom

Today, household appliances has become soavailable that people can afford to install the TV in any komnate.Ne exception is the bathroom, where many people like a long time to lie down and warm up, looking at the same time your favorite show, or the latest news.

Only when selecting technology for such wetpremises can not be guided by the usual criteria. Still, here we are talking about electricity with which to be trifled with. In addition, from the high humidity may be damaged and the television itself. So how do you choose the right TV for the bathroom?

Weatherproof TVs are of the following types:

1. False. Usually attached to a wall or built into a special uglublenie-
2. Combined with a digital technique, for example, dvd pleerom-
3. TV with a wired or wireless router to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

First we need to determine which diagonalIt will have a TV in the bathroom. All calculations are desirable to produce, taking into account the dimensions of the bathroom. Check whether or not comfortable watching TV with some diagonal.

The second important point - the place of the TV installation. This issue is also desirable to solve before making a purchase, because it depends on the type of mounting and features sound audio, built-in TV. In particular, in the process of purchasing be sure to check whether there is a possibility of connecting additional speakers.

It should also clarify the seller is protected ifBuilt-in TV speakers from excessive moisture. Most often, these products must have a water-repellent membrane that protect the speakers from direct contact with water.

Remember that the presence of high-quality audio to the TV for the bathroom - a very important parameter that affects the quality of watching movies and listening to the audio series.

Think, in which the design is to be executedTV. For example, in the bathroom will look spectacular TV, decorated with sequins, jewels or gold. You can use simpler and cheaper methods of framing. For example, it is possible to make a mirror-TV. When the TV is off, it turns into a mirror cloth.

When choosing a TV in the bathroom need to be considered and the viewing angles are, in fact, may have to watch TV from different parts of the room.

Be sure to pay attention to the level of protectionTV, it must be more than IP 65. Such a TV would not be afraid of splashing. Moreover, nothing will happen even when a bucket of water poured on it.

It is important not to forget about such an importantdetail how the remote for the TV, which also has to be waterproof. Special control will not sink even if dropped in the bathroom, not to mention the usual contact with water.

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