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How to choose a tricycle

How to choose a tricycle

So, your baby has grown.

He wants to run and jump, but feet on the streetquickly get tired, and roll it into a pram or wear on his hands already hard and uncomfortable. Well, it's time to think about the purchase of the first children's bike.

How, then he should be how to choose this simple vehicle to your toddler has received from him the most use and enjoyment?



Buy velokolyasku child
For kids between the ages of one to two years - aideal compromise between independent bike and sidecar, which my mother rolls in front of him. The child can pedal yourself, and even use the bicycle as a means of transportation, but when little legs get tired, they can always be put on a special stand and to give parents the opportunity to roll the baby on without worries. Note the structure velokolyaski. It should not be too heavy or cumbersome, and unnecessary ease in its construction should not be too. Bicycles, made entirely of plastic, are very unstable and can easily overturn, moreover, quite plastic and break easily damaged. Best of all, the wheels, the steering wheel and the mountings were made of more durable materials.


Note bicycle design
It does not matter what kind of bike youselect normal or combined with a handle for parents. It is important that it be comfortable for your baby's height and size. child's feet when he is sitting on a bicycle, must get down to the ground, and the back should not bend forward or backward, as he tries to reach the steering wheel. Make sure that the parts which concerns a child, were made of soft material and passed bad temperature. On a cool day on a bicycle to the kid should not be cold, and in the heat of the seat and the steering wheel should not burn the delicate baby skin.


Note the functionality of a bicycle. The steering wheel should not rotate too much, young children often twisting it all the way, which leads to a lowering of the bike and fall. If you buy velokolyasku, make sure that the handle for which you hold, is also able to adjust the steering wheel turns your little rider. It is also important to cycling was all that there are adult bicycles: horn, mirrors and the like. bicycle wheels must be rubberized and glide smoothly and noiselessly.

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