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How to choose a tonometer

How to choose a tonometer

Tonometer - a medical device that is certainlyI must be present in every home. Tonometer allows you to independently measure and monitor changes in blood pressure, without visiting a medical facility and without the help of a specialist.

Select the most accurate and convenient tonometer among the vast diversity represented on the shelves of modern devices for measuring the pressure of shops is easy.

To do this, you need to know about the most important features of this useful device.

Types of blood pressure monitors

There are several types of blood pressure monitors, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.
Mechanical tonometer for measuring bloodPressure is a device equipped with a screen with a scale and an arrow and completed a special pear and a pneumatic cuff. Pressure measurement mechanical tonometer requires direct human intervention at all stages of the process. The main advantages of this system are its low compared with other types of tonometers, price and high precision.

Using a mechanical tonometer for people with hearing impairment is not recommended due to the emergence of complexity in the process of measurement capture defining the upper and lower pressure tones.

Very popular today enjoyAutomatic blood pressure monitors, self-filling cuff and outputting the result of pressure and pulse rate on a special display. The undoubted advantage of such a device is the lack of a pear, and hence the opportunity to produce a pressure measurement without an assistant. In addition, most represented on the shelves of modern shops automatic blood pressure monitor is equipped with useful additional functions like memory last 20-50 results, display illumination, horn, triggered by the end of the measurement, as well as the use of adult and children's cuffs.
Semi-automatic blood pressure and produce at leastpressure measurement automatically and independently output the result to the display in their construction as a mechanical packaging devices necessary to include air injection pear.
Miniature tonometer on the wrist isideal for people with too large a girth shoulder, as well as those who need regular and accurate measurement of pressure, not only at home but also on vacation, a trip or a business trip.

Carpal tonometer is not recommended for the elderly as well as people suffering from a vascular disease and atherosclerosis.

The correct choice of the tonometer

Buy tonometer better in pharmacies andspecialty stores that sell medical equipment. When you select the device, check that the integrity of the package, there is instruction in Russian with detailed information about the manufacturer of the device, advice on its use and storage, as well as the presence of the warranty card, which enables you to easily exchange or pass the tonometer in the case of a malfunction or breakdown.

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