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How to choose a tile for the kitchen

How to choose a tile for the kitchen

Increasingly, consumers are choosing ceramic tilesas a material for wall and floor tiles in the kitchen, as this material has an excellent technical characteristics, attractive appearance and can last for a long period of time.

It is worth noting that if the choice of tilesbath main factor is its resistance to moisture, so that the kitchen is less important factor. There is much more important resistance to mechanical impact and easy to clean from any contamination.

The first step is to determine the texture. Tiles for walls must be smooth with a dense surface for easy cleaning procedure from grease and other contaminants. Floor tiles should have a roughness as glossy floor, especially if it gets wet, it becomes slippery, which may cause serious personal injury.

The strength and durability of the material directlyeffect on its service life. So as floor tiles are permanently affect the high mechanical load, and its cleaning will be carried out by means of household detergents, the level of wear resistance of the upper layer should be at least III (this option must be specified on the package).

When choosing tiles for the kitchen shouldpay attention to the granite & ndash- modern kind of tile that has high strength and durability, resistant to virtually any type of external influence.

Color and pattern tiles must be chosen inDepending on personal preference and room size. If the kitchen is small, then it is better suited bright tiles in pastel colors that will help to fill the room with light and visually push its boundaries.

For larger rooms, you can use the tilesany color and size, the main & ndash- that it goes well with all the furniture and other interior items. Also pay attention to the fact that the bright tiles have to be washed frequently, and on the dark will clearly see any cracks and chipped.

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