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How to choose a Teflon frying pan

How to choose a Teflon frying pan

Frying pan - kitchen utensils that, without which it is impossible to prepare a tasty second and first courses, sauces and pie fillings, and just fry coffee beans, nuts and seeds.

In the kitchen, the hostess, loving and knows how to cook, using multiple pans of different sizes and purposes, but in this set are always present and pans made of teflon.

When choosing a pan must take into account the features of this material.

Features pans with Teflon coating

Teflon - a synthetic substance synthesizedUS chemical company DuPont laboratories in the late 30-ies of the last century. Characteristic features of this material are increased lubricity and high resistance to aggressive substances such as alkalis and acids. These qualities of Teflon cookware manufacturers have put the idea to use it as an internal coating for pans and saucepans, kitchen utensils, used for frying foods in the cooking process.
Teflon coating has a highthermal conductivity and fry it can be almost free of oil, reducing the amount of fat, and thus make the food more useful. But there are drawbacks Teflon - at high temperatures exceeding 200 ° C, evaporation of harmful substances in its composition, and, moreover, it is sensitive to mechanical damage.
The main parameter, which depends on the quality ofteflon pan is actually pan itself: the material from which it is made, manufacturing method, and the thickness of its bottom wall. Therefore, to make the right choice, first of all, you need to pay attention to these specifications.

If you want to buy a frying pan for frying meatand fish, look for ones that have the relief of the bottom - the so-called pan-grill. They produce less contact with the bottom surface and downward burnt.

How to choose a pan with Teflon

These pans made mainly from steel andaluminum by stamping or casting. Stamped pan sides and bottom are equally small thickness, they are usually very short-lived and after half a year of intensive use of the bottom begins under the influence of high temperature deformed and the Teflon layer - peeling off and to lose its non-stick properties.

Covers for pans are often sold separately, you can always find a suitable, knowing the diameter of the pan in centimeters.

More expensive alloy steel and aluminumpans have thickened, often double, the bottom and thick walls, by weight, they are far superior "stamping" and have a high thermal inertia, essential for high-quality preparation of many dishes. Their term of validity can be up to 3-8 years, depending on how often you cook on it. It is more convenient to use pans that have a red light at the bottom - termospot. When the heat reaches 180 ° C, it is dark, it means - it's time to spread the food in the pan.

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