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How to choose a tattoo for a couple

How to choose a tattoo for a couple

Lovers often tend to emphasize their connection and even make special pair of tattoos.

Since the display image with the skin is very difficult, because people emphasize that they will remain together for life.

First, let's determine to be pairedtattoo secret, which will connect the two of you, or do you plan to put it on display to the surrounding see your special token of love. It depends on this part of the body, which will be taken an image, and thus the very nature and size of the picture. To demonstrate the tattoo is to do it on the fingers, wrists, shoulders or neck. "Hidden" image is placed on the lower back, abdomen, thighs.
Next, decide what kind of idea would reflecttattoo, what you want to pin. There are a number of popular choices. In particular, you can make two of the same image or share a common pattern in two. In the first case, an interesting option to be "eternal" wedding rings or bracelets, in the second - separated by a half hearts. You can select images paired objects - for example, lock and key, or the sun and moon.
Pay attention to the option of writing. Very popular tattoos in the form of the name of a loved one, or written on the body of love phrase. Often chosen expression in Latin, French or English. Another option - a phrase, divided into two parts. Man and woman taking one half supply and prick them so that then it was easy to merge labels.
When choosing an image, think about whatthey symbolize. The heart is a strong love, harmony, tenderness. Two identical images of the diamond at the men and women will symbolize the strong, almost indestructible feeling and sincerity, purity of relationships. Lily for lovers - a sign of loyalty, patience, tenderness and care. You can select the original and more options - for example, the image of origami crane, which in this case will mean happiness for the couple. If you want to keep your love of angels - shows on the body it is their. In a word, choose the option that is most appropriate for your pair.
If you both have a common passion, you canto find a symbol that will represent it. For example, for travelers it could be a wind rose and an anchor. It is appropriate to choose two complementary images. In the end, it may be symbols or portraits of your favorite heroes of films, games or cartoons. A particularly bright and strong reflection of the communication in the pair will be the choice of tattoo lovers characters - for example, Jasmine and Aladdin.

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