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Selecting the radio in the car - a rather difficult task

Now standard on allcar radio cassette player and includes speaker system. But not every customer satisfied with the standard equipment, they are trying to find a radio that has the best features and electronics.

It appears, select the radio in the car? quite a challenge.

Unprepared modern human range of models may simply confuse.



Playable formats.

This is the primary factor in choosingrecorder. You can buy a radio that has a stylish design and excellent performance, but in a few years you encounter a problem playing the new file formats. Virtually all modern radio equipped with CD / DVD player. But this may not be enough, so it is advisable to purchase a model that will be able to read information from the Blue-ray and HD media.


The display device.

In some cases, you can buy a tape recordersimple indicator that will display the disc track number and song information. But at the moment the most popular have a graphic matrix display, which shows not only the text but also graphic information? for example, the equalizer settings or the volume. Also, for maximum convenience in the car, you can buy a tape recorder having an LCD screen, which enables you to play videos.


connect the connectors.

Virtually all modern cars are equipped withISO-connector for connecting the radio. In most cases the connection of the new device does not cause problems. But there are exceptions. To encounter this problem, you need to carefully examine the vehicle documentation.



Modern radio often fall prey to car thieves. Therefore it is better to buy a radio that has the ability to pickup the front panel.

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