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How to choose a tablet

Under the concept of the tablet PC fits a wide variety of devices, different in its functionality.

When you select this gadget should first decide with his class.

After that you need to pay attention to the quality of the screen, performance, operating system, support for additional interesting features.

tablet class

There are several classes of tablets, eachwhich is aimed at a specific audience. For example, a tablet-laptop for those who are going to use for the device. The scope of such a tablet is usually includes a special detachable keyboard, by means of which will be much easier to work with touchscreen computer. Many models of laptops tablets hit the market with preinstalled office suite.
Game pad will suit those who expect from this device of this entertainment. The top powerful gaming tablet computers are capable of supporting the latest games.
Tablets with 3G are intended for thoseusers who want to be always connected. Such devices have Internet access, not only where there is wi-fi, but in any place where mobile communication is available. Such models of tablets can be used as a mobile phone.
Tablet for surfing - the cheapest class ofelectronic devices. Such models are only used to search for information on the web, listening to music, watching movies at low quality and other undemanding entertainment resources. Buy cheap tablet - it means taking risks: the quality of its components may be very low. Such devices often fail.
Meanwhile, regardless of their class, all will have standard features - the ability to go online, take photos and videos, listen to music.

Some tablets allow you to do the panning.

operating system

There are three major operating systemsTablet - Windows, Android and iOS. The latter is the more perfect, for it created a huge amount of high-quality applications. However, prices for Apple computers touch high, in addition, the user will have to put up with some limitations of this system, for example, lack of memory cards and must use iTunes.

Apple tablet can only be used at temperatures from 0 to 31 degrees.

The most common tablets running onAndroid operating system. The number of applications for this system is comparable with the number of applications for iOS. The disadvantage of Android is a relatively quick discharge of the battery.
Many people will be familiar to use on mobilecomputers, as well as stationary, the Windows operating system. Models with this system will be a good choice, but the number of applications for Windows is much inferior to the number of applications for iOS and Android.


When buying a tablet noteScreen resolution: the higher it is, the sharper and more detailed the image. Screen Size everyone chooses according to its own needs: the bigger the screen, the more convenient to work with the device, but it loses mobility. Screens sensory top computers are manufactured using special technology that can achieve sustainability of the surface to mechanical damage.


Power plate depends on the frequency of the processor,the number of cores and memory. The most productive considered devices with multi-core processor with a frequency of greater than 1 GHz. For comfortable working with heavy applications of the tablet operative memory should be at least 1 GB.

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