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Until now, many people absolutely all keyboards synthesizers keep calling? Yamaha ?.

This tradition has its origins back in the 80's of last century, when the Soviet musicians could buy only one brand of synth - YAMAHA.

& Nbsp-This name was soon transferred to allkeyboards, synthesizers, regardless of manufacturer. And they, by the way, there are now several dozen. However, the most famous, in addition to the YAMAHA legendary, considered instruments issued by Korg and Roland firms.

Choosing synthesizer, guided by its end use

To correctly select the synthesizer, the buyerYou need to know what he did, in fact, gains. If the synthesizer is needed for amateur music lessons, then there is no reason to buy expensive and feature-rich models, designed for professional musicians. If, on the contrary, keyboard synthesizer specifically acquired for professional performances and concerts, special attention should be paid to the quality of its sound and richness of functionality & laquo-filling & raquo-.

To correctly select the synthesizer for the child to explore all possible models

So, if for the synthesizer requiresamateur music lessons or to teach a child to a music school, choose models costing up to $ 300 The choice of models in this price range is more than decent. By and large, the sound quality of all models in this category is approximately the same. Experts musicians say that it is characterized by a specific & laquo-plastic & raquo- sound, but for fans it has little or no value. It is desirable that the synthesizer was equipped avtoakkompanementom- presence of any other functions, it is secondary.

Select synthesizer correctly will help consultants musical salons

The cost of professional synthesizer keyboardstarting from about 500 USD However, this money can only buy a model with a set of basic features and a rather mediocre in terms of professional sound. A truly high-class tools cost from $ 1000 and more.

To select synthesizer correctly, be sure toconsult a musical salon managers. Check whether you can connect your chosen model to the PC, it is whether the kit with the necessary settings for the software CD. Of course, professional synthesizer model must include the auto accompaniment function. If the synthesizer contains all the above features, you can safely purchase.

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