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How to choose a network filter for your computer

How to choose a network filter for your computer</a>

A network filter is a device that protects the computer from sudden power surges in the power grid that can disable this sensitive technique or adversely affect its service life.

Technical specifications

The efficiency of the network filter depends on theSeveral characteristics. The most important of them is the degree of suppression of high-frequency noise arising in the power grid. Such interference is one of the most common threats to the health of the computer, which manifests itself at the time of the inclusion in the network of any electrical devices, especially those that are characterized by high power. The higher the network filter, the degree of suppression of interference, the more securely the computer connected to it.

Another important characteristic - the levelAbsorption of energy. Other things being equal, you should give preference to the network filter model with a large amount of joules, which it can dissipate during a jump in the network.

The service life of a good network filter can beApproximately determined by the length of the warranty that is given to this device. If the manufacturer is confident in the quality of its filter, then the warranty will be great, sometimes reaching even a mark of five years, because in the event of the device failing due to a power surge, the product will be subject to exchange. If the warranty model does not have a warranty period of three years, it is better to look for a device more reliable.

additional characteristics

Number of sockets in the mains filter - the mostThe obvious difference between different models, understandable and the most inexperienced buyer. Before you buy a filter, you need to determine how many devices you need to connect to it. For the simplest bundling of computers, there may be enough three outlets - for the system unit, monitor and speakers. Additional connectors may be needed if you also use a printer, a router or a scanner. After recalculating all the devices that will be connected through the mains filter, add one to the result - this should be the minimum number of outlets.

Excess sockets in the network filter never interfere - they can connect not only a computer, but also other home appliances. Therefore, it is better to purchase a filter with a stock of spare connectors.

The length of the cord may vary depending on theModel of the network filter. Usually it ranges from two to five meters. For a compact workstation, an overly long cord can only be a hindrance, but after moving or moving, the distance to the power supply can increase. In this case, the excess length of the network filter cable may come in handy.

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