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How to choose a surge protector for your computer

How to choose a surge protector for your computer

Line filter - a device that protects a computer from sudden power surges that could bring this sensitive equipment from damage or negatively affect the battery life.

Technical specifications

The effectiveness of the filter depends on the networkseveral characteristics. The most important of them - the degree of suppression of RF interference present in the mains. Such interference - one of the most common threats to your computer's health, which is manifested at the time of inclusion in any electrical appliances chain, especially those that have a high capacity. The higher the line filter exponents interference suppression, the more reliable it is protected is connected to a computer.

Another important characteristic - the levelenergy absorption. Other things being equal you should prefer the line filter model with a large amount of Joule that he is able to dissipate at a jump in the network.

The service life of the filter can be a good networkroughly determine based on the duration of the guarantee that is given to this device. If the manufacturer is sure as your filter, then the warranty will be large, sometimes reaching even to the level of five years, as in the case of device failure due to power surge goods will be exchanged. If vending model no warranty is three years old, it is better to look for more reliable device.

additional characteristics

The number of outlets in the network filter - the mostobvious difference between different models, of course, and very inexperienced buyer. Before you buy a filter, you must decide on the number of devices that need to connect to it. For the simplest configuration, you may find enough outlets and three - for the system unit, monitor, and speakers. Additional connectors can be necessary if you are using more and printer, a router, or a scanner. Counting all of the devices that will be connected through a network filter, add to the result of the unit - it must therefore be a minimum number of outlets.

Extra outlet in the power strip will not be denied - they can be connected to not only the computer, but also other household appliances. Therefore it is better to buy a filter with a supply of free slots.

Cord length can vary depending uponline filter model. It usually ranges from two to five meters. For compact well-equipped workplace is too long cable may be only a nuisance, but after exchanging or moving distance to the power supply may increase. In this case, the excess cable length line filter can be useful.

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