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How to choose a stone for people born under the sign of Aquarius

How to choose a stone for people born under the sign of Aquarius

Not sure what to give for a birthday?Presented a birthday amulets and talismans, and you can even just any figure of stone, which will be a great decoration of the interior and strengthen some strong qualities of character host or help mitigate its "prickly" side.

When choosing a stone for a Gift souvenir Do not rely on intuition or the attractive appearance of the product or mineral. The stone must be selected according to date of birth celebration host. Then you come to the aid of astrology.

Stone for Aquarius

Aquarius - people who love life and experiencing cravings for everything new, unexplored and unique. They are characterized by a certain eccentricityUnwillingness to commit andLove to management: the company, the time of their lives. While in search of themselves, they are often collected like a puzzle, the outlook of the opinions of other people, identifying himself with them, but at the same time being the ideological center of others, inspiring and guiding them to achieve certain goals and results. Often become associates for Aquarius closer than relatives.

Chrysoprase as an amulet

To strengthen all the above qualities, friendly and purposeful Aquarius can be presented as a gift to the mascot to chrysoprase. It is believed that this stone favorsa new beginning in life and attract new friends, which is very important for Aquarians. In addition, people such a character as that of Aquarius, aspiring to continuous updates, new heights xrizopraz brings good luck and attract money.

rizopraz brings good luck and attract money.

But you see, nice to reaching their goals, among other things, getting more and material rewards.

In addition to these advantages as chrysoprase amuletIt is believed that it protects against envy and negativity from others. Besides, this mineral has a positive effect on health.

It strengthens eyesight, cleanses the blood, helps withrheumatism, stimulates metabolic processes in the body, improves brain function and, most importantly, helps to improve mood and enhance the spirit, and at the current pace of life is very significant, because reaching success only one who does not fall apart under any circumstances.

Aquarians need to strengthen the spirit of amulets

All of these properties and the mineral qualities underlie the various trends and legends associated with it. For example, Indian yoga considered chrysoprase stone heart, who, with Yin energy, helps strengthen and rejuvenate the tired heart. The effect of the amulet is enhanced pink quartz, Another heart stone, so if you put into your gift is so important, you can choose any figure, made of the two stones, the effect of reinforcing each other.

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