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How to choose a stone for people born under the sign of Gemini

How to choose a stone for people born under the sign of Gemini

On the unique properties of different minerals people know from time immemorial.

However, their effectiveness, and the main thing - a positive effect depends on whether a person can interact with this stone.

The question arises: how do you find the one your stone?

Gemini zodiac sign controversial enough that, in principle, it is clear even from the title. This implies and its basic qualities of character - the elusiveness and changeability. Gemini - the sign intellectual. However, they are not very zealous to get some knowledge and content with what lies on the surface.

Business Alexandrite

One of the most suitable for this stonesign says Alexander. For communicable twins are perfectly realized in the trade, as well know how to negotiate, this stone is indispensable, since it has a beneficial effect on the financial sector. And, most importantly, it will not only make money, but also to maintain and even increase earnings.

Furthermore, the stone is an excellent indicator of health status. Watching the change in color of alexandrite, youYou can predict illness or life difficulties that await you. The duality of the color of alexandrite has led to its perception as a symbol of love and jealousy at the same time.

Explains such associations only. Alexandrite changes color from green to red. Green is associated in our subconscious mind with peace, hope, serenity and relaxation. But red is in our subconscious associations with passion, activity, vitality. Or, in some cases dangerous. Here are a combination of these colors, and spawned a public perception of alexandrite symbol of opposites.

In Russia, there is another legend. Alexandrite called "Widow's stone", When since the postwar periodSverdlovsk factory began the production of jewelry with this stone and began to sell them, coincided to produce a large number of funerals. Since there is a belief that wearing this stone is necessary only in a pair. In some of the legends to believe - it's up to you, it's just a legend.

Jade health

Many twins are not very good health. And here to help him come nephritis. It helps strengthen the immune system, affect life expectancy, strengthens the nervous system and improves sleep. For such a painful Twins mascot certainly will not be superfluous.

But there is a BUT! Jade pulls lonelinessThat twins do not tolerate, so wear ita long time is not recommended. In China, the hardness of the rock has produced some magical beliefs. It was believed that jade, pounded into powder, prolongs life, but if you put in the tomb jade amulet, it protects the body from decay.

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