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How to choose a stone for a man born under the sign Gemini


How to choose a stone for a man born under the sign Gemini</a>

The unique properties of various minerals people have known since time immemorial.

However, their effectiveness, and most importantly, the positive impact directly depends on whether a person can interact with this stone.

The question arises: how do you find that very stone?

Gemini is quite a controversial sign of the zodiac, which in principle is clear even from the name. Hence its main qualities of character - elusiveness and changeability. Gemini - sign intellectual. However, they will not be very zealous to gain any knowledge, but content with what lies on the surface.

Alexandrite for business

One of the most suitable stones for thisThe sign is considered alexandrite. For communicative twins, which are well implemented in trade, because they are able to negotiate correctly, this stone is irreplaceable, because it has a favorable effect on the financial sector. And, what is especially important, it allows not only to earn, but also to save and even to increase the earned.

In addition, the stone is excellent Health indicator. Observing the change in the shade of alexandrite, youYou can foresee the disease or life difficulties that await you. The duality of the color of alexandrite was the reason for his perception as a symbol of love and jealousy at the same time.

Such associations are explained simply. Alexandrite changes color from green to red. Green is associated in our subconscious with tranquility, hope, tranquility and rest. But red in our subconscious causes associations with passion, activity, vital energy. Or in some cases, with danger. Here is a combination of these colors and gave rise to the perception of alexandrite by society as Symbol of opposing principles.

In Russia there is another legend. Alexandrite is called "Widowed stone"Because, after the war, whenSverdlovsk factory established the production of jewelry with this stone and began to sell them, coinciding with the receipt of a huge number of funerals. Since then, there is a belief that this stone should be worn only in pairs. In which of the legends to believe - it's up to you, it's only legends.

Jade for health

A lot of twins have not very good health. And then jade will come to their aid. It helps to strengthen immunity, affects life expectancy, strengthens the nervous system and improves sleep. For painful twins, such a talisman certainly will not be superfluous.

But there is one BUT! Jade attracts loneliness, Which the twins do not tolerate, so wear itLong is not recommended. In China, the hardness of this stone gave birth to several magical beliefs. It was believed that jade, crushed into powder, prolongs life, and if you put in the tomb an amulet made of jade, then it will protect the body from decomposition.

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