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How to choose a stone for people born under the sign of Taurus

How to choose a stone for people born under the sign of Taurus

Each of us has a stones-talismans, gems, that help in a variety of endeavors, energize or suppress negative outside.

Often choose this stone helps horoscope.

Taurus - the sign of a very terrestrial. Representatives of this sign are distinguishedpracticality, desire for stability and strong domestic capacity. Therefore, choosing a stone, a calf should not choose too active instances. They are already active life potential does not need to be strengthened, it is only necessary to strengthen and guide in the right direction.

Agate for prosperity

One of the most suitable stone for Taurus is a semi-precious agate, symbolizing prosperity and longevity.

# Agate - stone for Taurus

In connection with their magical properties, agate has gained popularity in antiquity. In ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, India and Mesopotamia produced a variety of agate jewelry, souvenirs, household items and the like.

It was believed that the agate It protects against a variety of risks, enhances the spirituality of man, it protects againstintrigue. In Europe it was believed that Agate protects against various diseases, promoting health, gives longevity and prosperity in business. With regard to the professional sphere, agate helps to develop eloquence, and it is, as you know, plays an important role in the ability to please others and to build links. In addition, the direct owner of the stone in the right direction at the moment of responsible decision-making and will give insight.

If your choice fell on the gray agate, you should know that it's - a symbol of friendship. He contributes to the solution of conflicts and restoration of peace. Blue agate - energizes. But to wear it should not be already active calves.

Carnelian health

In order to strengthen health and immunity Taurusshould give preference to carnelian. Carnelian reduces inflammation schetovidnoy prostate, restores impaired metabolism, it helps to restore vision. It is said that even carnelian treats infertility and impotence, stabilizes the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system.

# Carnelian - stone for the bulls

This stone has repeatedly confirmed its magicProperties in the Middle Ages. For example, there is a legend that the carnelian ring saved the life of the English poet Byron to George when he nearly drowned. Taurus carnelian is ideal, it is their Charm Stone.

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