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How to choose a stone for a man born under the sign of Taurus


How to choose a stone for a man born under the sign of Taurus</a>

Each of us has talismans stones, stones that help in various endeavors, energize or suppress the negative from outside.

Often, a horoscope helps to choose such a stone.

Taurus is a very terrestrial. Representatives of this sign distinguishesPracticality, the desire for stability and high internal potential. Therefore, selecting your stone, the calf should not choose too active specimens. Their already active life potential does not need to be strengthened, it only needs to be strengthened and directed in the right direction.

Agate for prosperity

One of the most suitable stones for Taurus is semi-precious Agate, symbolizing prosperity and durability.

# Agate - a stone for the Taurus

In connection with their Magical properties, Agate has gained popularity in ancient times. In ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, India and Mesopotamia from agate made various decorations, souvenirs, household utensils and the like.

It was believed that agate Protects against various dangers, Strengthens the spirituality of the person, protects fromIntrigues. In Europe it was believed that agate protects against various diseases, strengthening health, longevity and prosperity in business. As for the professional sphere, agate helps develop eloquence, and it, as you know, plays an important role in the ability to please others and make connections. In addition, this stone will send the owner in the right direction at the moment of making responsible decisions and will give insight.

If your choice fell on gray agate, you should know that this is - Symbol of friendship. It contributes to the resolution of conflicts and the restoration of peace. Blue agate - energizes. But even without the active bulls constantly wear it is not necessary.

Carnelian for health

To promote health and immunity to TaurusIt is worth giving preference to Serdolica. Carnelian removes the inflammation of the thyroid gland, restores the disturbed metabolism, helps to restore vision. They say that carnelian even treats infertility and impotence, stabilizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract and the nervous system.

# Carnelian - a stone for calves

This stone more than once confirmed its magicalProperties in the Middle Ages. So, for example, there is a legend that the carnelian ring saved the life of the English poet George Byron, when he nearly drowned. Taurus cornelian fits perfectly, this is their Stone-amulet.

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