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How to choose a stone for people born under the sign of Libra

Stone weights

The magical properties of stones believed by the ancient, they and notice what suits some people, it is not suited to others.

Astrology related properties of stones with the properties of the zodiacal circle.

It turns out each sign of the zodiac your stone, there he is in Libra.

Representatives of the zodiac sign of the scales - the people are verysociable. They just need to share experiences with someone, otherwise joyful events seem to them not sufficiently joyful and problems - especially bitter.

  • Libra - fighters for justice, they are constantly trying to find the balance between good and evil, black and white balance. Because of this quality, and many others follow - hesitancy and vulnerability.

Features of the zodiac sign Libra

Libra is vital to constantly have someone nearby: soul mate, friends, acquaintances or colleagues.

In the balance is always a lot of friends. Choose a gift weights is not easy!

Otherwise, they lose their sense of usefulness and try to find someone who could be a second balance the scales, they are looking for a soul mate.

Scales rather impulsive, but their impulsesshort-lived, based more on emotions. They are constantly striving to make something important and vivid that they paid attention. His works they seek to demonstrate its advantages, thus attracting into your life observers, listeners and partners, they need the air.

  • The most difficult thing in life Scales - is the adoption ofsolutions. This is explained by the fact that the sociable Libra is very much dependent on the opinions of others, and it makes them constantly fluctuate and rush between the opportunities and options. This feature representatives of Libra would be happy to have shifted to someone else.

Malachite - stone of health

Here it is - a great guardian for Libra. It protects vulnerable Libra from various afflictions. According to ancient Indian believe malachite perfectly cleanses the chakras. It is necessary to attach a stone to blocked areas of the body as it is to "dissolve" the energy stagnation and open channels for the passage of bioenergy flows.

Malachite - amulet for scales

It is believed that malachite has the "yin" energy andbrings its owner the energy balance between the physical and emotional aspects of life. Today malachite is used in the treatment of disorders of the spleen, pancreas and heart. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. and according to some healers, and even a means of anti-radiation.

This stone is accompanied by a number of legends associated with its magical properties. "Mythical" Some of them.

properties malachite

For example, it is believed that those who drink from malachite cup, will understand the language of animals and the one who uses it as a mascot, can become invisible.

Other - more plausible. In ancient Russia, for example, believed that this mineral contributes to the fulfillment of desires. and on the Indian legend - it helps to get rid of hard feelings and anxieties.

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