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How to choose a stone for a man born under the sign of Libra


Stone for weights</a>

In the magic properties of stones, the ancients believed, they even noticed: what is suitable for one person, does not fit others at all.

Astrology linked the properties of stones with the properties of the zodiacal circle.

It turns out that every sign of the zodiac has its own stone, and it also belongs to Libra.

Representatives of the sign of the zodiac scales - people are verySociable. They just need to share their impressions with someone else, otherwise the happy events seem to them not enough joyful, and the problems - especially bitter.

  • Libra - fighters for justice, they are constantly trying to find a balance between good and evil, balance white and black. Of this quality, many other things follow: indecisiveness and vulnerability.

Features of the Zodiac Sign Libra

Libra is vital to have someone nearby: a soul mate, friends, acquaintances or colleagues.

Weights always have a lot of friends. Choose a gift weights are not easy!

Otherwise, they lose their sense of worth and try to find someone who could balance the second bowl of Libra, they are looking for their soul mate.

The scales are impulsive enough, but the impulses of theirShort-lived, based more on emotions. They constantly strive to accomplish something important and bright, so that they are noticed. They try to demonstrate their dignity by their actions, thereby attracting observers, listeners, partners who need them, like air.

  • The most difficult thing in the life of Libra is acceptanceSolutions. This is explained by the fact that sociable Libra is very dependent on the opinions of other people, and this makes them constantly hesitate and toss between the opportunities and options. This function representatives of Libra would gladly transfer to someone else.

Malachite - the stone of health

Here it is - an excellent amulet for Libra. It protects vulnerable Libra from various misfortunes. According to ancient Indian beliefs, malachite perfectly cleanses the chakras. It is only necessary to apply a stone to the blocked parts of the body, as it "dissolves" energy stagnation and opens channels for the passage of bioenergetic streams.

Malachite - amulet for scales

It is believed that malachite has the energy of "yin" andBrings its owner an energy balance between the physical and emotional aspects of life. Today, malachite is used in the treatment of diseases of the spleen, pancreas and heart. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, And according to some healers, is also an anti-radiation agent.

This stone accompanies many legends associated with its magical properties. Some of them are "mythical".

Properties of malachite

For example, it is believed that one who drinks from the malachite bowl will understand the language of animals, and one who uses it as a Talisman, can become invisible.

Others are more believable. In ancient Russia, for example, it was believed that this mineral contributes to the fulfillment of desires, And according to Indian legends - helps get rid of grievances and anxieties.

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