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How to choose a stick


How to choose a stick</a>

Stick is the most important hockey attribute.

Share the club on professional, semi-professional and amateur.

The latter is often made from plywood, they are cheap, but they break often. The first and second ones are made from light and solid wood for a durable special coating of carbon fiber.

How to choose a stick for yourself?

Let us return to this question after a short history course.



Previously, the clubs consisted of a wooden handle andHook, bent at a certain angle and not having any rounding. Many hockey players manually shaped them. But these clubs were fragile and broke from sudden movements and blows.


Today, hockey sticks are presented alreadyOther requirements. One of them ? balance. When choosing the right stick for yourself, pay special attention to this parameter. When connecting to the handle, the hook should not be outweighed, otherwise the stick will be difficult to control.


On the elasticity also need to look. Now, good sticks are equipped with special zones on the handle. Clicking on these zones allows the hockey player to achieve the greatest strength and accuracy of impact. Thus, different parts of the handle work in different modes. When you choose a stick, try bending it. The stick should not bend equally in all places. Due to the different materials of the stick stick, the bend should be non-uniform. As you go down towards the hook, the handle becomes thinner. With such a stick, it will be easier for you to control the puck and punches.


Despite many changes, the stick is stillRemains the most often breaking hockey attribute. Therefore do not rush particularly in her choice. The stick should match you by the curve of the hook and the length. Optimum length of the club? Up to the nose standing in the ordinary man's shoes.


If you can not pick up such a stick so that its handle does not slip at all in your hand, do not worry. The handle can be wrapped along the entire length with non-slip tape in any convenient place for you.


If you choose a club for your child, thenConsider the following: adults do not correspond to the growth of a child, so you do not need to take them. In addition, you should buy your child a stick with a straight hook, especially if he is just starting to play hockey. Then your child will have time and the opportunity to decide on a grip.

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