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How to choose a sound card

Some cards are more expensive than the whole computer

Computer - a piece of metal that is under the table and buzzing.

If you want it to be sang, played guitar, began to publish the sound of gunfire, the roar of engines and the roar of applause crowded football stadium, you need to choose and buy a sound card.

You will need

  • Computer and internet



Decide what you need a sound card. If you want a computer just published some sounds, like music, gunshots and the sound of the crowd, it is enough will be built into the motherboard sound card. These devices can play enough quality sound.
If dusts quality in your homeaudio system with five speakers and a subwoofer and you want to hear surround sound, then there is need to choose a semi-professional equipment. Their prices range from two and up to ten thousand. But there is a professional sound card. They are already more expensive and intended mainly for musicians, producers, zvukovikov, editors and other professionals, as well as hardened aesthetes for whom the sound quality - it all. The cost of such products can reach up to 50 thousand rubles.


Next, decide whether you want a built-insound card or external. Here the choice depends on how you intend to use your computer: listening to music, watching movies and playing, sitting directly at the table, or use it as a source of sound, and video card to connect to a TV and watch from afar.

In the second case, you probably will suit outsidesound card. They are supplied with a remote control with which you can control the sound level and a few acoustic characteristics.


If you want to not only listen, but also to recordmusic or other sounds, then you will need the card with additional features. Most modern cards, even cheap, have a hole for the microphone input. If a microphone you enough, then no problem to choose the sound card with inlets for the "tulip". These capabilities not only provide professional sound cards, but also semi.

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