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How to choose a song for the wedding dance

How to choose a song for the wedding dance

The first dance of the newlyweds - an important part of marriage.

This is an emotional, beautiful, memorable wedding moment.

It is important to find the right piece of music for the first dance.

Creating your first dance

Very often young people dance performancesturning to professional choreographers. It was during the first session is important to discuss the anticipated music for dancing. Choreographer will help resolve doubts and controversy, prompting, for some of the tunes will make it easier to dance.

Ideally, you need to prepare the wedding dance badlyin advance, for example, a few months before the wedding. This will "comb" it. This is especially important if, for whatever reasons, the bride and groom decided to put on their own dance.

The ideal duration of any dance -three or four minutes. First, it allows you to keep the audience's attention, and secondly, for three or four minutes, even the habit is difficult to get tired in the third, this time enough for it to be revealed in the dance.

You do not have to dance a wedding dancea song, you can do without words the composition. This is especially true if waltz selected. But do not choose the music, do not cause emotions in the newlyweds.

What should be the music

Music should be inspiring, associatedwith love, it should be fairly rhythmic (this is important if the couple have never been engaged in dancing, precise rhythm will allow them easier to navigate in the figures). If the couple prefer songs with text, choose the best from the repertoire of duets. A good choreographer in the dance may emphasize women's and men's role in accordance with the solo performer. It is advisable to choose not too fast tunes, because of the excitement even after long rehearsals to get off at a fast dance easier than slow.

Of course, the choice should be "happy"musical history. Beautiful lyrical songs about love suffering can be perceived by guests as a good sign. You can order the creation of a specialist "potpourri" of two or three tones. This option is becoming increasingly popular. In the case of a "pot-pourri" can begin with minor lyrical songs about loneliness, and then move to happiness. However, this option is very important a good choreographer, thin feeling emotional subtext.

If the wedding will be playing a live orchestra,preferably at least once to rehearse the dance with them, because the interpretation of musical melodies musicians are often very different from the original - the duration, tempo, rhythm.

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