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How to choose a sofa cover


How to choose a sofa cover</a>

When buying a sofa, special importance should be given to the material from which the upholstery is made.

It is desirable that it be detached from the furniture and washed.

The service life of the sofa depends on the quality of the upholstery textiles and the fabric composition.



Ask the seller for information about the compositionMaterial from which the upholstery is sewn. It can be water repellent, containing Teflon impregnation. The cheap cloth is textiles, the service life of covers made of cotton or silk is about seven years. They can be washed many times even in dry-cleaning conditions. Pleasant to the touch velveteen. Furniture, upholstered with similar material, will last a long time.


Choose fabric upholstery that is lightweightCleaned, does not leave scuffs due to exploitation. Popular is the chenille. It is soft, pleasant to the touch and practical to use. Bunches of pile twist between the warp threads. The material is practically not stretchable, special processing of the pile on the machine allows the upholstery to retain its original appearance for a long time. As drawbacks, the ability of the yarn to stretch is noted, only the dry method of cleaning.


Choose an upholstery from leather or suede, if you want,So that the sofa has served many years. Such models are expensive, but their quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Upholstery is easy to clean. Often, the surface has a metal coating, embossing or an effect of artificial aging, which masks the slightest damage.


Make a choice in favor of leatherette, ifAre limited in money. The upholstery of the sofas is made of a substitute for natural material, the armrests and pillows are made of leather. However, during operation, special cleaning agents must be used. Over time, the tissue cracks, air permeability is inadequate, which can create a greenhouse effect on contact with the body.


Pay attention to the upholstery Couch From the flock. This material is cheap, pleasant to touch, easy to care for. On the fabric can be applied any pattern, it is easy to wash. However, the service life of the tissue is short. Over time, the pile is erased and the upholstery will have to be replaced. Do not clean it with compounds containing alcohol, do not hand it to dry cleaners. Flock easily electrifies. Look good products from the "bouquets flock."


Take a closer look at the tapestry cover, which includes polyester. This fabric is practical, wear-resistant, very beautiful in appearance.


Select the upholstery made of jacquard - sheSatisfied long service life. The fabric looks exquisite, besides, it is made with the use of complex technologies for applying patterns. The downside is a dry method of cleaning with the use of tools with the lowest content of chemical compounds. The fabric burns out in the sun, the pattern quickly loses its brightness.


If you choose microfibre upholstery, thenKnow that this material is originally made with Teflon impregnation, it is easy to wash, the liquid spilled on the furniture, drains, and not absorbed. The fabric is resistant to dust formation, easy to use, does not shed, does not burn. Very strong. The downside is the high price.


Buy a sofa with upholstery, based onPurpose furniture. Children's room is better suited for cotton materials, for those who hold pets, the ideal option will be the upholstery of flock, microfiber. For living rooms, you can choose leather models or made of jacquard.


Inspect the sofa, check the accuracy of the seams, the uniformity of the staples, with which the padding is attached. The life of the furniture also depends on this.

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