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How to choose the upholstery of the sofa

How to choose the upholstery of the sofa

When buying a sofa special importance should be given to the material from which made interior.

It is desirable that it is detachable from the piece of furniture and the laundry.

The term of service of the sofa depends on the quality of tailoring and fabric upholstery textiles composition.



Ask the seller about the compositionmaterial from which the padding is sewn. It can be water repellent containing a Teflon impregnation. Cheap fabric is a textile term life covers, made of cotton or silk is about seven years. They can be repeatedly washed, even in dry conditions. Pleasant to the touch corduroy. Furniture, upholstered in this material will serve long.


Choose upholstery fabric that is easyclean, leaves no abrasions due to the operation. Chenille is popular. It is soft, pleasant to the touch and practical to use. Between warp beams with twists pile. Material is practically non extensible, special treatment pile on the machine allows you to trim a long time to maintain the original appearance. As noted shortcomings in the ability of the filaments stretching, only dry cleaning method.


Choose upholstery in leather or suede, if you like,to couch served for many years. Such models are expensive, but their quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Padding easy to wash. Often, the surface has a metallic coating, embossing or artificial aging effect that masks the slightest damage.


Make a choice in favor of leatherette iflimited money. The upholstery of sofas made of substitute natural material, armrests and cushions are made of leather. However, during the operation it is necessary to use special cleaners. Over time, tissue cracks, insufficient breathability, which can cause contact with the body of the greenhouse effect.


Pay attention to the upholstery couch of floc. This material is cheap, pleasant to the touch, easy to care for. On the fabric any pattern can be applied, it is easy to wash. However, the life of a short-lived tissue. Over time, the pile is cleared, and will have to replace the upholstery. Do not clean her compositions containing alcohol, do not give it to the dry cleaners. Flock easily electrified. Look good products "buklirovannogo flock."


Look to cover Tapestry, which includes polyester. This fabric is practical, durable, very beautiful to look at.


Pick an upholstery made of jacquard - sheQuite a long service life. The fabric looks elegant, besides, made using sophisticated techniques for applying patterns. The downside is a dry cleaning method with the use of funds with the lowest concentration of chemical compounds. Fabric fade in the sun, drawing rapidly loses brightness.


If you select an upholstery made of microfiber, thebe aware that this material was originally made with Teflon-coated, easy to wash, liquid spilled on the furniture, runs off and is not absorbed. The fabric is resistant to dust, easy to use, do not shed, do not fade. Very strong. The downside is the high price.


Buy a sofa upholstered, on the basis ofpurpose furniture. For a child's room is best suited cotton materials, for those who keep pets, the ideal option would be the interior of the flock, mikrofaybera. For the living room, you can choose the model, or leather made of jacquard.


Examine the sofa, check the accuracy of sutures, staples uniform arrangement by which the padding is attached. From this also depends on the life of the furniture.

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