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How to choose a laundry soap

How to choose a laundry soap

Soap looks unattractive, butits cleaning and antibacterial properties superior to modern means, but when you consider it complete safety for the body, there is no doubt that the unsightly red bar can be actively used in everyday life.

The composition of the soap

Soap comprises salts of fatty acidsand various additives to improve properties of detergent soap. Color, smell, soap detergent properties are directly dependent on raw material from which it is made. Thus, a soap, which is preferably composed of saturated fatty acids - lauric, stearic, palmitic - foam only in hot water, as these acids have a melting point of from 44 to 70 degrees, with such soap has a very good cleaning properties and stable solid consistency .
Soap from unsaturated fatty acids has a pasty consistency and copes with less contamination, but can lather and cold water.
The best properties have soap,made of technical animal fats. Soap, which included more than the fatty acids of vegetable origin, less foam, soak quickly, rancid.
The classic soap, cookedaccording to a recipe created in the Soviet Union, only it contains sodium salts of fatty acids and oils, salt, water, caustic soda and soda. It is believed that such soap in full possesses the best qualities inherent in the present economic soap.
Modern manufacturers of laundry soapThey try to make it more appealing to consumers by adding different ingredients: perfumes for odor improvement soaps, glycerol - to soap is sushilo skin bleaching agents, soaps are clarified.

Properties of soap is best manifested when washing and washing in demineralized water.

According to the percentage of fatty acidssoap is divided into three groups: 72% -soap, 70% and 65% -soap -soap. The higher the percentage of fatty acid content, the greater the bactericidal properties of soaps and detergents. Typically, this percentage is embossed directly on the soap.

Benefits of proper soap

This soap contains in its composition of only natural ingredients, so it is absolutely safe for your health.
Soap - perfect detergent for baby things because it is hypoallergenic.

The advantage of a soap and its low price.

Detergents and soap are very high, it overcomes even the most heavily polluted, with handles fabrics very carefully.
Known healing properties of soap: it is possible to treat colds, and various inflammations. This soap disinfects the surface.

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