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How to choose a smoking pipe


How to choose a smoking pipe</a>

You need to know a few nuances that will help you make the right purchase.

The choice of a smoking pipe does not tolerate fuss and rapidity.

Many were disappointed, not having received pleasure from smoking only because they chose an unsuccessful tube.



When choosing a tube, you should not save. Now it is not difficult to find a relatively small amount of good Tube. If you are the first to choose a smoking Tube, Focus on more well-known manufacturers. Otherwise, having received a smoking Tube Improper quality, you risk once and for all to ruin your first impression of smoking a pipe.


Before buying a pipe, you should decide, you will take a new one Tube Or give preference to the old tube, which has already been smoked. The latter is the best choice for those who first acquire Tube.


After you have decided on the type of the pipe, it should be said that you must choose it yourself. First of all, you should like it. You must find your Tube, Which will be pleasant to hold in hands, which will be pleasant to watch.


When choosing a tube, you need to consider whether it will beCombine with the type of tobacco that you have chosen. In a smoking pipe with a large open cup, it is best to smoke rough tobacco, dry. Aromatic, saturated tobacco is preferable to smoking in a tube with a not too high cup. Otherwise, towards the end of the pack, the taste of tobacco will deteriorate. Light tobacco varieties are better to smoke in tubes with a narrow cup.


You have chosen your Tube. Now you need to make sure of its quality. It should be flat. In a good tube, an even channel - from the mouthpiece to the cup. Any unevenness in the channel will cause the tube to be permanently wet. Try to avoid the sealed or lacquered ends of the tube. It is better not to purchase smoking pipes with such ends, since they can split. The ideally right hole in the cup should be in its center. Any deviation indicates a low quality of the pipe. Do not rush to choose a smoking pipe, it's a fascinating and long process. But as a reward for diligence, you will get an incomparable pleasure from smoking the right tube.

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