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How to choose a smoking pipe

How to choose a smoking pipe

You need to know a few nuances that will help you make the right purchase.

Selecting a pipe does not tolerate hustle and hasty.

Many were disappointed not to get pleasure from smoking just because they have chosen a failed pipe.



When you select a tube is not worth saving. Now it is easy to find for a relatively small amount of good tube. If you choose the first time smoking tube, Targeting a more well-known manufacturers. Otherwise, receiving a smoking tube poor quality, you run the risk once and for all to spoil your first impression of pipe smoking.


Before buying a pipe you should decide, will you take a new tube or give preference to the old tube that has already been lit. Last - the best choice for those who first gets tube.


Once you have decided on the type of pipe, it must be said that it must choose yourself. First of all, it should please you. You have to find a really tubeWhich will be a pleasure to hold in their hands, which is a pleasure to watch.


When you select a tube is necessary to consider whether it would becombined with the kind of tobacco that you have chosen. The smoking pipe with a large open cup of the best smoked tobaccos rough cutting, dry. Aromatic, rich varieties of tobacco smoke in the tube preferably with not too high a cup. Otherwise, towards the end of the packing will deteriorate the taste of tobacco. Bright tobacco varieties better to smoke pipes with a narrow cup.


You have chosen your tube. Now you need to ensure its quality. It should be smooth. A good flat tube channel - from the mouthpiece to the cup. Any unevenness in the channel causes the tube that is constantly wet. Try to avoid the painted or sealed end of the tube. Better not to buy pipes to such ends, as they may crack. Ideal correct hole in the cup should be at the very center. Any deviation indicates poor quality pipe. Do not rush with the choice of a pipe, is a fascinating and lengthy process. But as a reward for hard work you'll get incomparable pleasure from the right pipe smoking.

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