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How to choose a smartphone

How to choose a smartphone

Smart phones - smart phones.

They are gaining a large audience, without these high-tech toys, many people can not properly function.

The correct choice of the smartphone - is very important.

Criterias of choice

Decide on the type and class smartphone. Designate a list of tasks that the phone must be addressed.
For example, if you lead an active lifestyle,doing extreme sports or just drown and often drop the phone, look for devices with protected housing. These smart phones are not afraid of falling water and dust. Specially protected items can spend hours in the water without any consequences.
If you have multiple phone numbers, select the smartphone with two SIM cards. This option is suitable for busy people who share your work and personal contacts.
Audiophiles deem interesting "music"smartphones. Such devices can play music at the level of good players, and their exterior panels feature distinctive buttons that make it easy to listen to music.
Lovers of photography will likely prefer phones with good cameras or camera phones. Such devices can take pictures of the same quality as that of compact cameras.
Most modern vehicles area single touch screen. On these phones is convenient to watch movies, read books, work on the Internet. But keep in mind that the phones with touch screens require frequent charging.

What operating system do I choose?

Selection of the operating system may be even more important. At the moment, for the attention of buyers struggling phones based on Android and iOs systems. Each of them has its own pros and cons.
Android - system developed mega-corporationGoogle. Phones and tablets based on this system may be related to a variety of price categories. They developed more than eight hundred thousand a variety of applications, most of which are completely free. Devices easily syncs with Google services have a voice assistant. They are easy to connect to a computer without special software. The Android operating system allows very fine-tune the interface device for themselves. By cons include smartphones such rapid discharge of the battery is extremely frequent updates, which can lead to software incompatibility and possible problems.
Devices running iOS operating systemdeveloped by Apple. This company was the creator of the first smartphones in the conventional sense. Since a variety of iPhones have appeared earlier Android devices, applications developed for them much more. The interface of all devices with this operating system is exactly the same. These phones spend less energy and can work without frequent recharging. The disadvantages of these devices include the lack of support for memory cards and the need to install special software to connect your phone to your computer. Besides ayfonov price is relatively high, which limits their target audience.

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