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How to choose a sling with rings

How to choose a sling with rings

Moms kids sometimes feel uncomfortable when you have to go to the store, and the child is not one to leave.

Take with a pram for a hike for bread is very inconvenient, especially while living on the top floor.

Come to the aid of various devices for carrying children. They are easy to use and a walk - the kid next to her mother, and the mother can move around freely.

One of these devices - Sling with rings.



Choosing a sling with the rings in the store, put hisover and fold the fabric in the rings. Then try to pull material from outside itself, pull the edge of the tail. If the fabric is easily stretches, Sling will securely hold a child, tight facilitate it.


Next, estimate the density of the material, its naturalness. Linen and cotton "breathe" - it's good for the baby and for you. Artificial tissue is undesirable - it is bad breathable.


It is also necessary to determine whether the size of the suitsling for comfortable use. To do this, tighten all the products in the ring tail. If between you and the cloth seats are not left hanging, and the tail is long enough, all right. If the tail is short - you need a bigger sling.


Be sure to check the strength of the fabric and rings. After removing the sling, pull the fabric in different directions, holding the place where the rings are sewn, and where the material included therein. Make sure that the fabric does not slip, and the ring is not deformed.

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