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How to choose a sling with rings


How to choose a sling with rings</a>

Mom kids sometimes feel uncomfortable when you need to go to the store, and the child has no one to leave.

It is very inconvenient to take a wheelchair for a bread trek, especially living on the top floor.

Various devices for carrying children come to the rescue. They are convenient to use for walking - the baby is next to the mother, and the mother can move freely.

One such device is a sling with rings.



When choosing a sling with rings in a store, put it onOn yourself and straighten the fabric in the rings. Then try pulling the material away from yourself, pull the edge of the tail. If the fabric is easily stretched, the sling will securely hold the baby, tightly fitting it.


Next, evaluate the density of the material, its naturalness. Flax and cotton "breathe" - it's good for the baby, and for you. Artificial tissue is undesirable - it misses air.


It is also necessary to determine whether the sizeSlinga for comfortable use. To do this, tighten the entire tail of the product in the rings. If there is no space between you and the cloth, and the tail that hangs down is long enough, then everything is in order. If the tail is short - you need a sling more.


Be sure to check the strength of the fabric and rings. After removing the sling, pull the fabric in different directions, taking hold of the places where the rings are sewn and where the material enters them. Make sure that the fabric does not slip, and the rings do not deform.

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