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How to choose a ski jacket

How to choose a ski jacket

Clothing for recreation and sports should be, above all, comfortable, functional and qualitative.

If you are going on vacation to rest in the mountains to go skiing, then you definitely need to buy ski jacket.



A good ski jacket should be combinedexcellent functionality and unique, "elegant" appearance. Today, there are both male and female jackets. Moreover, they have significant differences between them. Female models are brighter and more saturated colors and unique, "softer" cut. Men's jackets are usually much heavier and more difficult to complete.


If you decide to purchase it specialized jacketDesigned for skiing, it is better to give preference to leading manufacturers. After all, using poor quality equipment, you are risking your health.


When fitting ski jacket, pay specialattention to the freedom of movement therein. Some stores offer to test for protection against moisture. Take the time for it. During the test you put on a test version of the model chosen jacket. Then you go into a special chamber where nozzles of varying power supplied jets of water falling on the surface of the test article. Now this kind of demonstration is increasingly gaining popularity.


Make sure that you have selected is provided with a jacketspecial reinforced lining, which will soften the blows in the fall. Prefer a heater POLY MESH HEAT, guaranteeing excellent protection against the cold and wind.


Pay attention to the smallest details in the tailoringjackets. Give preference to products with reinforced seams and a "skirt" on the basis of silicone. An excellent option would be the presence of a ventilated zipper with a special coating against moisture.


This ski jacket should be provided with lots of pockets that are fastened with a zipper instead of buttons.


If you are a lover of gadgets, the acquiring jacket, Make sure you have it on special pockets for cell phone, portable music player or even a netbook (such is also available).

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