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How to choose a shower box

How to choose a shower box

Bathroom - this is a very important place in our apartment.

Unfortunately, the average Russian living area usually can not provide for themselves absolute comfort in holding water treatments.

In an effort to expand the useful area of ​​the toilet for installation of furniture or household appliances, we are increasingly eyeing the shower box and dignity that their small size.

If you decide to purchase a shower box, follow our instructions.



Choose a shower box based on your sizesbathrooms. There are designs are very small in size (70x70 cm). So tight, of course, but "unload" the bathroom. If the area allows, you can purchase the shower larger (up to 130x130 cm).


For installation in an apartment you need tobuy shower box with tray, because boxing without the tray installed on the premises only in specially assembled the floor, which, of course, impossible in a conventional apartment building.


If you want to save money when buyingshower box, you can choose a booth with curtains polystyrene (doors). However, it should be remembered that during the operation they lose their original appearance and more susceptible to mechanical damage than, for example, from a safe opaque glass curtains. If the budget allows, buy a box with glass doors.


When buying a shower box and payattention to the way of opening doors. Throws open the curtains in the room is inconvenient to use a small area, and sliding is much more likely to break, since closed by means of special roller devices and held by tape. Design enough stable, but not very reliable in operation.


Shower boxes by type are asgenerally of two types: open and closed. Outdoor shower is installed near a wall, tiled, delimits the zone of water procedures in part. Closed boxes create a closed space in the apparatus is more complicated but also more comfortable to use.

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