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How to choose a shelf in the nursery

How to choose a rack in the nursery

With the advent of free space becomes a toddlerless is very difficult to accommodate all the children's clothes with ease. But you want to make it comfortable and beautifully in the children's room, and the child should get their books and toys without any problems.

The solution space may be a children's shelves.

They are practical, have a lot of design options.

Choosing a rack for baby
All parents know that the basic requirementbaby furniture - is security. Pay attention to the material of the rack. It is advisable to choose a natural tree, even though there are now many modern safe materials that are easy to clean, resistant to damage, have bright colors.
The rack must be stable, it is desirablefixed to the wall, so that the baby could not topple it over. Speakers angles and details should be rounded handles - internal. The metal parts and glass inserts should be absent.
Now let's talk about the functionality - this is the secondselection criteria. The rack must contain all things and toy little man, while taking up little space. If the room is small, you can select the corner shelves to make room for children to play.
Shelving should organically fit into the overallinterior, attracting the child or the original form of bright colors. Popular models of open shelves, which can be shaped to resemble a ship, boat or house.
Children's bookshelf is better to take the open, so that the child could see what books are there. It is best to place the book together with toys - it will attract the attention of a child who does not like too much to read.
Choosing a rack for a teenager
Everything is much easier - for better studentBuy a desk with a rack that allows you to increase the working space for writing materials and textbooks, as well as teaches the student to order.

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