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How to choose a shampoo for long split ends

How to choose a shampoo for long split ends

Split ends - a problem familiar to many of the fair sex.

To properly care for damaged tips, requires a comprehensive approach.

And an integral part - the shampoo well-chosen.

Cure split ends almostit is impossible, you can only shave breaks off the ends and begin to curl treatment. This will help prevent further hair destruction. Among the preventive measures the first step is to choose a suitable shampoo.
Poor quality shampoo aggressive composition, notsuitable for your hair type will only aggravate the situation and increase the number of posechennyh tips. Shampoo, primarily intended to cleanse the scalp and hair over the entire length.

Shampoo for split ends

The causes of split, cloventhe tips of the hair more. This, of course, improper care, poor environment, lack of vitamins and more. For systematic care is necessary to determine the frequency of shampooing. If you have to wash your hair every day, in the shampoo package appropriate labeling should be. And clean the scalp and hair every day is necessary if you are constantly using the styling. They all have a negative impact on the condition of the hair.

Acquire shampoo for long and split ends is, after consultation with trichologist or a hairdresser. It is recommended to choose care products should be tested in pharmacies or stores.

Today is not a problem to buy a specialshampoo for split ends of long hair. In its composition must have B vitamins, restores the structure, lecithin, keratin, proteins that strengthen the hair. You can also find shampoo for brittle hair with wheat germ, brewer's yeast, extracts of linden and chamomile, green tea. In addition, care will be useful using shampoos with essential oils - they facilitate easy combing long hair, prevent them from tangling, the tips will be less split.

Use a shampoo for long and split ends

Shampoo for long hair with damagedthe tips will not be able to restore hair, but will help to correct the situation, to prevent cross-section in the future. Prophylactic medications may contain glycerol, and in summer you can use a shampoo with UV filter. Choosing a shampoo on the website, then follow the photo to view the appropriate marking.
It is necessary not only to choose a good shampoo,but also to use it correctly. Try not to wash your hair too hot or cold water, apply shampoo solely on damp strands over the entire length. No need to rub the hair, whipping the foam, gently massage the scalp.

Experts advise to use for gentle care shampoos that do not contain sulfates. Such soft tools include the minimum amount of surfactant and have little natural composition.

Damaged hair is allowed to dry the hair dryer, but it is better to leave them to dry naturally. If time is short, it is necessary to include cold air, and keep the hair dryer at a sufficient distance from the hair.

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