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How to choose a shade of red to the hair

How to choose a shade of red to the hair

Red hair color - the perfect way to change much in my life.

To not look cheap or vulgar, it is very important to choose the correct shade of red.

All shades of red

Natural, true red in shade similar tocopper. This color looks perfect on light-skinned women, tanned but not very much goes. If you are a natural blonde, try a natural redhead with a touch of strawberry, it is not out of tune with blond eyebrows and general skin tone. This shade creates a fabulous and magical image of the princess. Unfortunately, this color is very difficult to achieve natural brunettes, such as the paint color simply does not take on dark hair.

Saturated red tone suits confidentwomen. This color makes the hair shiny, reflecting the color of the sun. This pigment is kept on the hair for a month without any changes, then a little dim, but the overall tone remains enjoyable. This red shade will suit a pale green-eyed women. For coloring it fits Light Brown dark blondes and brunettes bright. The orange-red tone looks extravagant and daring of its natural counterpart. With this color can dramatically change its image.

Ginger red tone - one of the most naturalshades of red. Such hair color helps to create a bit of the old image. Beauty with hair the color of the drawing in his paintings Titian. This natural and muted color for those who do not want to attract too much attention. Ginger red looks good on women with normal skin tone. This color is easier to maintain than the more vibrant hues. Unfortunately, brunettes without obestsvechiniya that harms the hair, to achieve this color will be quite difficult.

Red for the brave

Saturated red hair color is right and braveenergetic women. This color begins to "play" in conjunction with very fair skin. This color is always drawn to the attention of others, making its possessor the center of attention. It is demanding a hair color, it imposes a kind of defiance. The woman with the bright color of hair surrounding see any fatal beauty, or "devil". Bright red-red hair color looks good on women who have medium skin tone. Light-skinned "Snow White" is better to give it up, because it gives an unpleasant shade of pale skin. Red-red tone poorly kept on the hair, so that once a week you need to use a coloring mousse or shampoo.

Auburn, deep attractive color betterjust looks at a woman with tanned, olive skin even. This color is often chosen for repainting brunette as Auburn pigment on forces to cope with the dark hair. Auburn hair day is not too attract attention, but in the evening, combined with bright makeup make its possessor a real woman vamp. This shade is kept on the hair for a long time without any problems.

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