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How to choose a tan

How to choose a tan

Tanning help the girls make the skinnice dark shade, avoiding the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. These funds are safe, available in different shapes and colors allow you to control the intensity.

To tan has turned you into a sexual beauty, serious approach to the choice of a cosmetic product.

Amazing properties of modern tanning

Tanning comfortable and allow you to quickly "tan". At the same time you can easily avoid redness, unpleasant blistering and peeling. The main component of tanning - DHA (dihydroxyacetone). It reacts with amino acids and proteins of the epidermis. Through a chemical reaction, the formation of melanoidins and begins the skin becomes dark.

Tanning is completely safe for health. Its action you'll notice after only an hour or two after application. However, experts say: the earlier vehicle starts, the faster tan come.

Sale now have a suntannot only the ability to tint the skin, but also take care of her. Choosing a tool for painting, note the additional features. For example, milk and lotions are able to deeply moisturize the skin. If tanning is tagging anti-age, it will help in the fight against wrinkles and fading. And a part of antioxidants give skin extra food. There are also tanning, containing light-reflecting particles.

Proper selection of tanning

Choosing tanning should be based on its typeappearance. This will buy the right tool that will lie flat and do not make your skin unnaturally yellow. The correct tanning will give the appearance of a good natural tone.

Fashion for the "overcooked" girls in the past. Today tanning should be used very metered, making the skin a little darker. Natural tan looks beautiful and helps hide flaws appearance.

If your skin is light and thin, and her hair -blonde / red note on toners with colored pigments. For example, milk gradually manifested or a light lotion. Using them, you will get beautiful skin and a healthy appearance. Avoid creams, sprays and wipes - after using them you will look unnatural.
If your hair is brown, brown, and the skin hasolive undertone, use tanning medium intensity. Get a quick tan will help you milk, cream or spray. If you are afraid to get a divorce, and uneven tone, give preference to high intensity toning lotion.
Dark-skinned girl (natural brunettes with darkeyes) should pay attention to high-intensity means. In your case, dark shade will look beautiful and natural, effectively emphasize appearance. Use special wipes or lotions with shimmering particles. However, be careful not to overdo it, to not become a resident of Africa.

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