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How to choose a savings deposit

How to choose a savings deposit

Savings deposit - form of fixed deposit. Its feature is the ability to recharge during the whole period.

Most all of these contributions are, if necessary, to accumulate funds for any major purchase.

The characteristics of savings deposits

Replenish deposits - a good way of savingEquity, which allows you to accumulate the necessary amount for any large purchases. For example, on a trip to a vacation, a new car or an education.
The peculiarity of savings deposits isinability to withdraw money before the end of the contract period. At the same time, banks often set a maximum or minimum amount of that contribution. The latter is often the same as the basic amount of the deposit. Minimum - varies depending on the bank. For example, it could be 10 thousand rubles. Another feature - such deposits are opened without prolongation.

It should be borne in mind that interest rates on savings deposit rates are somewhat lower than on savings - about 0.25-0.5 points.

To open a savings deposit, in most cases it requires only a passport and money.
Of course, the main disadvantage of savings depositsIt is the impossibility of a partial withdrawal, but at the same time, the depositor has the opportunity to replenish the deposit. In case of early withdrawal of deposits it will accrue interest at the rate of 0.01% per year. At the same time, due to the constant increase in the profitability of the deposit amount on it will continue to grow.

Criteria for selection of savings deposit

Different banks offer different from each otherterms of savings deposits. It is therefore important to undertake a detailed preliminary analysis of the existing programs on the market. Choosing a bank must be based on several criteria.
First of all you should pay attention tothe proposed interest rate. As a rule, it depends on a number of parameters - the less interest payments occur, the rate of the above the more freedom depositor money management, the lower the percentage. The contributions to the capitalization of more profitable and have a high yield.

In the Savings Bank of the deposit "Recharge" the interest rate ranges from 4.60 to 7.28%, on deposit "Manage" (with the possibility of a partial withdrawal) - from 4 to 6.68%.

It should also clarify how the paid yield on the deposit. As a rule, the amount of interest on the savings deposit can be obtained in a bank account or transferred to a bank card.
The selection process should take into account the contribution which the deposit rate affects the amount of deposit. Sometimes it may be less than the basic amount.
It is worth paying attention to the possiblelimitations - for example, some banks allow you to replenish deposits in the first half of the contract term, the other - restrict the minimum amount of replenishment. The number of banks prescribes the need for a monthly refill for a minimum amount to save interest.
Of course, you need to invest only in safe banks, which have a license and included in the deposit insurance system.

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