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How to choose the early ripening varieties of cucumbers

How to select early maturing varieties of cucumbers

cucumbers ripening varieties are very popular with gardeners because they allow early and collect delicious harvest.

Select the data to be varieties with great care - they require compliance with certain conditions.

Growing cucumbers ripening

For right choice of ripening cucumberGrades first need to pay attention to the appearance of the vegetable, its purpose, taste and way of cultivation. In addition, preference should be given only the hybrids and varieties which are most adapted to the conditions of the region in which they are grown. Compliance with these conditions will prevent a large number of different diseases and prevent plants from suffering wrong climate to him.

maturing varieties of cucumbers, unlike later cultures have a lower resistance to plant diseases.

When choosing ripening varieties should also beconsider the fact that their fruiting period is not extended. Basically, they are divided into salad, salt-coating and universal varieties that with proper care provide tasty and healthy fruit. Seeds of cucumber ripening varieties can be easily purchased in stores or in the relevant market gardeners who grow these varieties.

Top ripening cucumbers

Cucumber "Altai" has ovatelight green fruit, which after emergence is already collected on the 38th day. Variety "Muromsky 36" has a small ovoid or ellipsoidal fruit that is often necessary to collect, because they quickly become yellowing and age. "Vyaznikovsky 37" variety known cucumbers in a light green color, ideal for salads and conservation. Variety "Competitor" is resistant to bacterial spot and mildew, its fruits have the original oval-cylindrical shape and is good for preserving for the winter.

Acquire seeds ripening varieties can not only from domestic producers, but also for foreign companies, whose products are known for its quality.

The variety "Graceful" is the best choice forgardeners who grow cucumbers for pickling. The fruits of this species for a long time do not turn yellow and has a pleasant aroma. Cucumber varieties of "Universal" gives a large harvest of fruits oblong, which are great for salads and winter preparations. One of the most precocious varieties is the "Cascade", which are characterized by high cucumbers hrustyaschestyu and lumpy skin. Grade "A generous 118" is known for its small cucumbers, having great taste, prolonged retention of color and ideal for zasolok.

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