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How to choose a durable lacquer

How to choose a durable lacquer

To look perfect manicure, you need to not only properly handle nails and give them a beautiful shape, but also to acquire high-quality lacquer.

Good home remedy for nail polish should be applied carefully, dry quickly and stay on the nails as long as possible, keeping the bright color and luster.

Choose textures and colors

Resistance lacquer largely depends on its texture. The longest fingernails on hold Glitters - paints with the addition of a large number of large and small glittering particles. They lie quite a dense layer, and tiny pieces of foil firmly clinging to the nails and keep a week or even longer. The only disadvantage of such a nail - the complexity of its removal. Glitter not wash in the usual way - a dense layer of enamel is necessary to macerate with the help of cotton compresses disk impregnated with nail polish remover, and pieces of foil.

Pay attention to the color. The darker the paint, the more noticeable will be even a small stone chip. But pastel enamel and skin tones remain fresh look a week or longer.

In second place on the resistance - with the sand paintstexture and enamel with the addition of Shimmer and golografiki. Multiple coats, such funds are held a few days. The fragility of different varnishes matte texture, and very dark enamel. They can start to climb down from the tips of the nails in just a few hours after application. For unstable and means are marked as "quick."
Check varnish shelf life. The old tool can dry and exfoliate change the texture. This lacquer may be difficult to dry, peel and smeared. Thickened enamel may be diluted with a special tool, but it is better to choose another, more recent copy.

Choosing paint in the store, use the tester. You can make up a couple of nails in the sample and to understand how long will the chosen remedy.

How to increase the durability of varnish

Extend the life of manicure will help somesimple rules. Apply the varnish on the nails perfectly smooth. Buff them with a special bar or sawing and then degrease the swab dipped in nail polish remover. Then cover the plate leveling base that increases grip with nail varnish surface.
Apply paint in two or even three layers. At the end of the dial a little enamel on the brush and carefully paint the nail end. This "sealing" does not give a sliding varnish and longer retains the beautiful view manicure.
When you have finished painting, apply a top colornail thick layer fixing cover. Choose funds with gloss - they reliably protect the nail polish from chipping and scratching. Top with the drying effect hardens quickly, however, rests not so long as it is less rapidly drying counterparts.

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