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How to choose a resistant varnish


How to choose a resistant varnish</a>

To make the manicure look perfect, you need not only to properly treat the nails and give them a beautiful shape, but also to get a high-quality varnish.

A good remedy for home manicure should be carefully applied, quickly dried and kept on the nails as long as possible, while retaining a bright color and shine.

Choose textures and colors

The strength of the varnish depends largely on its texture. The longest on the nails are glitters - varnishes with the addition of a large number of large and small sparkling particles. They lay down quite a dense layer, and tiny pieces of foil firmly cling to the nails and last for a week or even longer. The only drawback of such a varnish is the complexity of its removal. Glitters can not be washed off in the usual way - a dense layer of enamel has to be soaked with compresses made from cotton discs impregnated with liquid to remove varnish and pieces of foil.

Pay attention to the color. The darker the varnish, the more noticeable will be even the smallest chipping. But the enamels of pastel and flesh flowers keep a fresh look a week or longer.

On the second place on firmness - varnishes with sandyTexture, as well as enamels with the addition of a shimmer and holography. Putted in several layers, such funds are held for several days. Short-lived varnishes are matte textures, as well as very dark enamels. They can begin to peel off the tips of their nails a few hours after application. To the unstable include funds marked "quick-drying".
Check the expiry date of the varnish. The old remedy can dry, exfoliate and change the texture. This varnish can dry badly, it is easy to peel and spread. Thickened enamel can be diluted with a special remedy, but it is better to choose another, more recent specimen.

Choosing a varnish in the store, use the tester. You can make a couple of nails a sample and see how long the selected product lasts.

How to increase the durability of lacquer

Increase the lifespan of a manicure will help a fewSimple rules. Apply the varnish to the perfectly smooth nails. Polish them with a special bar or file, and then degrease with a swab dipped in a liquid to remove varnish. After that, cover the plates with an equalizing base, which increases the adhesion of the varnish to the surface of the nail.
Apply the varnish in two or even three layers. At the end, collect a little enamel on the brush and gently paint the end of the nail. This "sealing" does not allow the lacquer to crawl and retains the beautiful look of the manicure longer.
After finishing the staining, apply over coloredVarnish a thick layer of the fixing coating. Choose a means with gloss - they reliably protect the manicure from chips and scratches. The top with the effect of drying hardens quickly, but it does not last as long as its less rapidly drying cousins.

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