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How to choose a racquet for tennis

How to choose a racquet for tennis

Tennis is becoming more popular every year.

This sport is accessible to people of allage, it helps to maintain a high human vitality, and strengthens the core muscles of the body. A major role in this sport plays a tennis racket, on how well you select it, your future success depends.

To avoid mistakes when choosing a racket, you should know some of its characteristics.



The size of the handle.

It should choose the most big handle, whereinyou should feel comfortable. To check how much is right for you racket handle, use the following method: taking the racket, hold her hand, palm, then place the index finger of the other hand into the gap between the palm and fingers of the hand that holds the racket. If the width of the gap is equal to the index finger, this racket is right for you.


Head size.

Rackets with a large surface area are suitablefor those who like to play in the doubles match, or is on the back line. For novice players such rackets can lead to a large number of inaccurate punches. Rackets with Mid or Mid Plus is the size of the heads are suitable mainly for the implementation of innings or strikes in the summer.


rim type.

rim thickness is between 18 and 30 mm. The thicker the rim, the more powerful will be your kick and stiffer tennis racquet itself. When selecting the rim should follow the rule: the more sweeping your movements, the faster your punches, you need to choose the thinner rim.


The length of the racket.

Now for the rules of the length of the racquet varies from 27 to 29 inches. The longer racquet, the greater will be the impact force.



Taking the racket over the middle, you can define itbalancing. If the racket is balanced in the head, it is more suitable for the game on the back line. If the racket is balanced to handle, it is suitable for feeding. Businesses also mainly used tennis rackets that are balanced to the center.

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