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How to choose a tennis racket


How to choose a tennis racket</a>

Tennis is becoming more popular every year.

This sport is available to people of anyAge, it helps maintain a person's high vitality, and also strengthens the body's basic muscles. A big role in this sport is played by a tennis racket, depending on how correctly you choose it, your future success depends.

In order not to make mistakes when choosing a racket, you need to know some of its characteristics.



The size of the pen.

You should choose the largest handle, whileYou should feel comfortable. To check the suitability of the racket handle, use the following method: after taking the racket, grasp its handle with the palm of your hand, then place the index finger of the other hand in the gap between the palm and the fingers of the hand that holds the racket. If the width of the gap is equal to the index finger, then this racket suits you.


Head size.

Rackets with a large surface area fitFor those who like to play in doubles matches or is on the back line. For beginners, such racquets can lead to a large number of inaccurate strikes. Rackets with the head size Mid or Mid Plus are suitable mainly for the performance of feeds or strikes from the summer.


Type of rim.

The thickness of the rim is from 18 to 30 mm. The thicker the rim, the more powerful will be your punch and the tougher tennis racket. When choosing a rim, you should follow the rule: the more spread your movements, and the faster your strokes, the thinner you need to choose a rim.


The length of the racket.

Now, according to the rules, the length of the racket varies from 27 to 29 inches. The longer the racket, the greater the impact force.



Taking the racquet by the middle, you can determine itBalancing. If the racket is balanced in the head, then it is more suitable for playing on the back line. If the racket is balanced in the handle, then it is suitable for filing. Professionals mostly use tennis rackets, which are balanced in the center.

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