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How to choose a racing wheel

How to choose a racing wheel

For avid gamers game entertainment occupy a large part of pastime for PC.

One of the most popular genres of computer gamesThey are arcade and racing simulators. Over time, the speed of the virtual lovers no longer possible to organize with the help of a standard mouse and keyboard control.

And then there is the desire to buy a special manipulator for auto racing.

The choice of computer steering: the presence of pedals

First of all, we should pay attention toin the presence of the pedal device. driving will be more interesting and realistic with them. In many low-end models has 2 pedals - brake and gas. On the more expensive options found 3 pedals. A third of them - the clutch.
When you select a computer and steering noteto stand with pedals. Ideally, it should be non-slip. Pedals, in turn, should not be much stricter medium elasticity. This will allow you to be more responsive to control your virtual car. Especially this criterion is important for simulation because of arcade races need to go at full throttle.

The choice of computer steering: what should be the angle of rotation

The next parameter - the angle of the steering wheel. It is the angle between any point on the steering wheel at the far right and the same point at the position of the steering wheel in the extreme left position.
The greater the angle of rotation, the more you can control the car game. However, if the angle is too large, on the sharp turns you will need to rotate the wheel considerably.

The choice of computer steering: the presence Force Feedback

One of the important characteristics when choosingComputer steering is the presence Force Feedback. This option gives you the ability to make the steering wheel easier or tighter, to create resistance when turning, trying to get back to the center position.
This function is practically devoid of all budgetmodel. Instead, they have a Vibration Feedback. This means that the wheel will not try to resist, it will vibrate when certain actions. This mode is more suitable for gamepads than steering.
If your controller is a function allowing moredeep dive into the game, on the steering wheel, it irritates and disturbs. In addition, according to some studies, because of the game with a gamepad with Vibration Feedback may occur irregularities in the hands.

Types of attachment and ease of steering computer

It should be noted, and the types of handlebar mounting: on suckers and screw terminals. Usually, only the Velcro used in low-end models, but at a more advanced - screw terminal or a combined solution that includes both methods of attachment.
No less important is ease of use computerdriving. This characteristic should be approached individually. There can be only one piece of advice - the wheel has to be non-slip. Typically, such models have leather inserts and a rubberized coating.

The choice of computer steering: summing

In summary, for a realistic and comfortable playing Auto racing wheel simulators need, having the following characteristics:
- With non-slip surface and easy formoy-
- The presence of the pedals, which should differ moderate uprugostyu-
- With a sufficient angle povorota-
- With the presence of features Force Feedback.
When choosing a booster for the computer work normally,valid for the majority of home appliances - the model is more expensive, the better it is. Of course, the high price should not be the decisive criterion. But still, if you're not stingy, most likely, you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

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