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How to choose a quality jewelry


How to choose a quality jewelry</a>

Stylish jewelry can give the image elegance and charm. But this is not only an exquisite addition to your image, but also an investment in the future.

Therefore it is important to buy only quality products.

Initially, evaluate how selectedThe trademark is trustworthy. Preference is given to well-known, well-established brands. Find out what gold is made of gold.
Gold is usually mixed with other metals, whichGives the products strength. Gold without impurities is characterized by an indicator of 24 carats. Often you can find the content of this precious metal, which corresponds to 585 samples - 14 carats.
In the production of jewelryUse silver. Other metals: rhodium, platinum, ruthenium, palladium, osmium - are more often added to alloys, giving greater hardness, longevity to products, or used for decorative coating. These additional metals can change the color of the decoration, improve its aesthetic qualities.
When buying jewelry products, consider a number of nuances:
- the main indicator is a trademark-
- there should be a tag, and on it - a description of all the characteristics of the metal,
- the purchase of products with gold leaf can lead to a rapid loss of decoration presentable appearance-
- if there are inserts, they should be transparent, because the reverse indicates a poor-quality source material.
As for the insertion, it can be preciousOr semiprecious stone. And its size depends on the specific model of the product and on your financial capabilities. Choosing a qualitative decoration, you make sure: and not a very large pebble can look just great.

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