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How to choose a quality piece of jewelry

How to choose a quality piece of jewelry

Stylish jewelry can give the image of elegance and charm. But it is not only a delicious addition to your image, but also investing in the future.

Therefore it is important to buy only quality products.

Initially evaluate how selectedtrademark trustworthy. Preference is given to well-known, well-established brands themselves. Learn how carat gold jewelry is made.
Gold is usually mixed with other metals thatIt gives the product strength. Gold without impurities characterized by the 24 karat. You can often find the content of the precious metal, which corresponds to 585 - 14 carat.
In the production of jewelry anduse silver. Other metals: rhodium, platinum, ruthenium, palladium, osmium - usually added in the alloys, imparting greater hardness, durability articles or used for decorative coatings. These additional metals can change the color of ornaments, to improve its aesthetic qualities.
When buying jewelry consider a number of nuances:
- The main component - a trademark Sign-
- There must be a tag, and on it - a description of all characteristics of the metal available vstavok-
- Buying products with gold leaf can cause rapid loss of external decoration presentable vida-
- If there is insertion, they must be transparent, because the opposite indicates low-quality feedstock.
With regard to the insertion, this may be a preciousor semi-precious stone. And its size depends on the specific model of the product and on your financial capabilities. Choosing high-quality decoration, make sure you: not very large pebble may look just fine.

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